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Daney King Eli – Cheers (Prod by Sir AB)

Last year, Daney King Eli announced himself on the music scene with the release of ‘’GOrem’’, his 11 track album that storied his journey towards his goals. The beauty of the album was its rhythmic appeal- it combined African traditional sounds with modern rhythms like hip hop and trap, offering a tasteful sonic trip.

Daney King Eli makes a return with his latest ‘’Cheers’’- the first single from his monthly “LONG WAY TO PEKI” series.  Similar to many of the sounds off ‘’GOrem’’, this song fuses afropop, hip hop and rock elements and a good storyline on the importance of taking a moment off to enjoy life. The song is built around a conversation between two friends who are having a good time in a bar.  One expresses his frustration on how slow and difficult it is for anymore trying to approach things differently whiles the other offers him hope- that focus and patience are essential in achieving life goals. Daney King Eli’s uniqueness lies in the tone of his voice, his love for melody and talk-rap approach.

Kwesi Arthur – One Stone

‘’I fi lose everything but I no fi lose hope… Ghetto motivator, get them high when they feel low’’. These words of motivation and inspiration are what ‘’One Stone’’ from Kwesi Arthur is filled with. Rapping over a soulful piano percolated hip hop beat, the Tema based rapper reflects on his life and ambitions in a tone reminiscent of those that heard on Live From Nkrumah Krom EP. The sentiments are raw and relatable- one of thr reasons why Kwesi is a beloved rapper.

Kwesi Arthur is has not only learnt how to wash his hands and eat with his elders, he also appreciate the help he got from them in his musical journey. In his verse, he shout out the likes of M.anifest, Sarkodie and R2Bees, veterans who not only paved the way for his likes, but also gave him game and features when he began his career. ‘’One Stone’’ is here to keep fans excited as they await the release of his debut album

Kofi Tafari – House Full of Money

The lyrical abilities of Kofi Tafari is not in doubt. Both his energy and passion for rap is apparent through his music. For Kofi Tafari, hip hop is the hill on which he is building his house. His single ‘House Full of Money’ offers an indicative into his direction. Making money or becoming successful is theme of his single. Exuding combustible fissures of trap music, Kofi Tafari lunges into the beat, clearly stating why he wants a house full of money country: ‘’Mother Ghana now your currency is losing its value. GH 1000 isn’t enough these days’’.

For the Tema based rapper, these circumstances are the reason he is eyeing ‘billion pounds of gold’.  Switching verses in English and Twi, Kofi Tafari doesn’t want people who ‘borrow money to do show’ within his circle, thus his quest for a house full of money.

Ko-Jo Cue ft Kwesi Arthur – Devil Knocking Refix

‘’Devil Knocking’’, one of the deep cuts on Kwesi Arthur’s ‘’Live From Nkrumah Krom’’ EP has earned a refix two years after it was released. This time, Ko-Jo Cue is the rapper to make this possible. Across two verses, Cue takes a reflective look into life, its challenges and hope for the future.

Ko-Jo Cue paints a picture of how his financial insecurities is making it impossible to even call his mother or actualize his dream for his uncle, Atta. These challenges has led to him considering other options of making money. But, his soul is not built for that endeavor. He therefore had to stick around, waiting for God’s grace.

Magnom ft KaySo, Quamina MP, Twitch, Almighty Trei – Maintain

There are two qualities that defines Magnon as an artist: first, his hooks are crazy. And he is constantly teaming up with young artists on songs. His latest single “Maintain” is another prove of this quality.

Carrying a mid-tempo feel, the central theme of “Maintain” is money: chasing it, having it, spending it.  “Keep my eye on the prize/ Put my life on the line/See, I grind all the time/ All the time, every time/ I for maintain/ Where my money dey, I for maintain o”, Magnom bawls on the hook of the song. Beginning the song with this epistle was to put song in context and also, grab the listeners’ attention.

Each featured act explored the theme from their own angel: KaySo wants “the full payment” for his work; Quamina MP ‘came for the money”; Twitch needs money to maintain his lifestyle; Almighty Trei has eyes on the monetary rewards of his grind. “Maintain” attests to Magnom’s hardworking nature as an artist/producer. He recently released a joint project ‘’Seaside Nintemdo’’ with NSHONA Muzik featuring songs like ‘’Holy’’, ‘’Economy” and ‘Big Body’’.

MAKA : “Precious Stone” (Prod by DJ Teck-Zilla)

Maka is a Lagos based soul artist with an soothing vocal tone that captures your attention as soon as her first words drop over the soulful beat that surrounds ‘’Precious Stone’’. Her first single of the year, ‘’Precious Stone’’ is a tribute to mothers, who regardless of the challenges they face still pull through to give their children the life they richly deserve.

‘’Precious Stone’’ is Inspired by Maka’s own mother -Ojiugo means Precious Stone in the Igbo language. Over a reflective horn-driven backdrop, from the production vault of Producer/DJ Teck-Zila of Str8Buttah Productions, Maka’s grabbing performance begins on a mellow ebb, hitting a crescendo midway. The emotions that permeate the song is to be expected considering how personal the song is to her. Her childhood in a single parent home (she lost her dad at a very young age), the unwavering determination of her mother in caring and supporting he dream regardless of all the challenges they face are the narrative curves present on “Precious Stone”.

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