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Video: Worlasi Points To The Ridiculousness of Modern Religion on ”Pawa”

Worlasi is your debonair preacher flanked by two equally good-looking ladies in nun head scarves. Worlasi is not there to preach only the gospel to the assembled congregants; he’s there to vet those who come to his church, and also sell his ‘holy products’. From the start, one is left in no doubt about the story the video would tell especially when he had a female attendee do a ‘360’ turn for him before ‘admitting’ her to his church.

Employing both close-up and medium range shots, the video director, Akwadaa Nyame produced a crisp, excellently storied video that’s good on humour. The video also took aim at the excessive commercialization of the gospel by some modern-day preachers.

Social commentary has often been one of the pillars on which this prolific and talented artist has built his career. Worlasi has exhibited this quality across many of his songs. “Pawa”, the soulful, highlife tune is the latest example.

It became apparent from the opening scene of the video that the church is one for the young in need of ‘help and guidance’. Worlasi’s acting under the direction of Akwaada Nyame was great- he revealed his lecherous antics in a humorous manner, and when it came to the congregants paying their collection, it was not optional.

A portrayal of the ridiculousness of modern-day religion where in their quest for fast solutions to problems, people get outwitted or exploited by some unscrupulous pastors. Worlasi, in his video is pointing to both the bastardization and ridiculous commercial intersection of today’s religion.

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