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If Life Is A Lottery, Akan Is Staking For The Win on ”Banker 2 Banker”

Akan has mastered the art of turning everyday subjects into a class act on records. It doesn’t matter how much that subject has been explored by others, he always brings a certain touch of brilliance or a new perspective to the topic, especially on songs. And when Twisted Wavex, his longtime producer and collaborator is involved, you are assured of an excellent piece of craft.

Banker 2 Banker’‘, his latest single released a day ago is further attestation to Akan’s amazing skills as a wordsmith or poet. The title choice is interesting since it’s a reference to a popular lottery game often patronized by people within the lower income bracket. Considered as an illegal form of the lottery by the government, “Banker 2 Banker” has over the years become part of Ghanaian lexicography often cited when chasing or placing bet on your own success.

A song about success, ‘’Banker 2 Banker’’ employs all the elements of hip hop- the production is excellently handled by TwistedWavex. Akan, across three verses reveal his thirst for successful. His delivery is crisp and effortless. The lyrics, delivery and production aside, he opens the song with a classic prayer from the legendary comedian Bob Santo for both contextual and nostalgic value.

When I asked him what inspired ‘’Banker 2 Banker’’, Akan broke it down like this:

‘’I have a strong believe that am heading towards the right path; working towards my goal and achieving success is a sure thing and am 2 sure about it. It’s a banker 2 banker situation and is definitely staking for the win’’.

Listen to song below. Get song here

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