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THE CUTS reviews songs, videos or albums we think deserve your attention. The songs or videos covered are not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it would be reviewed or featured. THE CUTS is available every FRIDAY.

Joojo Addision – Yessa Massa

‘Yessa Massa no dey spoil work/ plenty talk no dey write cheque’. With these words, Joojo Addison is reminding us on the need to keep our head down and push through our various hustle towards success. It is true that money is important in life as it makes things happen and also solves problems of others.

‘’Yessa Massa’’ is the corrupted version of ‘’Yes Master’’, a response that could be traced to the old colonial days where black servants or assistants made use of that response. Joojo Addison borrows this term for his new single. With its highlife vibe, Joojo Addison sings and raps about importance of striving for success.

The Andy Madjitey directed video has an old school feel to it-from the choice of location to the costuming. Joojo is seen with a PA system preaching the ‘goodnews’ of working for your money.

The video opens with a long shot of Joojo standing in a doorway. The camera closes up on him before we see him and a team of others parading the streets of Jamestown with their message. The colour contraction, dance moves evokes an exhilarating feeling. Joojo Addison’s vocals foam over the Lexyz and NiiQuaye produced beat.  And tha transition from daytime to late night scene is excellent. ‘’Yessa Massa’’ follows the excellent and well-received ‘’Guy Man’’ single he released earlier.

Sablar ft KaySo – Blessings

Don’t be surprised if you hear Sablar’s single ‘’Blessings’’ in church. The song’s celebrates the little mercies of life coupled with its sing-along, choir-like hook makes it a tune that won’t miss the tongue of anyone who hears it.  Sablar shares anecdotes of life that every person could identify with.  Plus, the afrobeats texture of the song offers additional credence to its up-tempo ‘bopness’’.

Jeff Ottis ft Tony Bryte – No Dark Clouds

‘’Look up to the sky screaming no dark clouds cos I need me some daylight/Grace, favour all I’m praying for, mama said trust you go dey fine’’. This is one of the things on the wish list of Jeff Ottis: to live a life, focused life built on love from friends and family and less on envy. Rapping over a hip hop beat courtesy Flowerpapi, ‘’No Dark Clouds’’ references a world without restrictions or obstacles, where each person could live fully to his or her abilities or desires. Although this sounds utopian, he wants a bit of freedom to pursue his craft. Tony Bryte, who is featured on the song lays a very soulful hook to aid the message that Jeff is sharing.

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