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Akan – Edwom No Freestyle (Lord Kenya Cover)

Rapper, Akan went into his bag and came out with a freestyle that once again, exhibits his incredible rap skills and also, offers a hint of nostalgia to rap fans above age 20.

Borrowing the beat of Lord Kenya’s “Endwom No”, Akan in 2 minutes, 34 seconds remind us of what hiplife used to sound like -a reference to the original song. Lord Kenya, arguably the most delightful rapper of his generation, released this song in 2001. It was a song found on his “Yeesom Sika” album. The album also boasted such singles as “Mr. P.O.P”, “Mobrowa” and “Medo”, arguably his magnum opus.

Akan picking this beat might not be an act of spontaneity. The choice seem very deliberate as proven by the song’s lyrics. Akan has a message to share and doing so over a song whose title translates as “the song or music” makes sense.

Akan, in his monologue offers a reminder of what real hip life from the past sounded like. He re-echoes comparisons between himself, Obrafour and Okomfo Kwadei as conferred on him by fans based off his rapping style and contents. He mentions the validation from Sarkodie as well. It must also be said that, this is the first time Akan is laying claim to this comparison on wax.

He proceeds to express his unique place in rap (‘no one is above or below him’) before questioning the credentials of some rappers. In his view, a true rapper is someone who cares about his legacy and influence. That is, the rapper should make music that positively impacts society. ”Lately, everybody has something to say, but not all rappers are true rappers”, Akan declares, before adding: “What does this generation rap about?/ What type of music do you make?”.

He doesn’t pull the plugs at this point. Akan takes aim at rappers whose music centres on partying and negative indulgences (like encouraging drinking and calling on women to gyrate). “I don’t regard these crop as rappers”, he intimates. He considers such rappers as pandering to pressure of mainstream success thus making records for “radio”. (This remark, is debatable considering such songs- which I describe as ‘social songs’- serve a purpose as well even if the content is shallow).

Akan has demonstrated over the years how much of a left field rapper he is. His music is not tailored for radio yet is loved by his growing fans and true appreciators of music; a fact he acknowledges in this freestyle: ”I make music that transcends eras so when the radio shut down my records shall live forever” (translated from Twi to English).

One year after releasing his highly acclaimed album, “Onipa Akoma”, Akan – also called Kwapiah – continues to serve us message driven music. With each single, feature or freestyle, he grows his fan base. His rapping abilities, his mastery of the Twi language and the themes he covers in songs makes him an outstanding rapper among his peers. Akan believes the music one creates should reflect the thoughts of the artist- a point he emphasizes on this freestyle.

Watch video below

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