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Ko-Jo Cue Flosses On This Peewezel Produced Single ”Alidu”

If you ever attended a public school in the 90s, you’d be familiar with the story of ‘Alidu and His Goat’. A humor laden tale about a man who told the world he could get his goat talk. After his numerous attempts at pulling the act failed, the agitated crowd decided to flog him. But, before the cane dropped on his back, the goat mentioned his name. Hearing Ko-Jo Cue name his latest single ‘’Alidu’’ provokes nostalgia. It also a claim to himself as the ‘GOAT’ when it comes to rapping.

That is not a boast. For those who have been following his career, admitting that Cue’s mic skills is incredible is nothing but the truth. He’s the kind of rapper who dictates the path of the beat and not the other way round. As a student of hip hop, one hears all the tenets of hip hop when he raps: the wordplay, the rhymes, the punchlines shine across the flow with such pristine glory. ‘’Alidu’’ is a full blown hip hop song- from the Peewezel built beat to Ko-Jo Cue’s opening swords: ‘’I get coffin for these yawa rappers… I’ll be coughing on these yawa rappers/ This no be verse, this is how I practice”. Bold, direct, vile and a declaration of intent.

Those who have been clamouring for a hot new single from Cue will be proud of this. Online, the request from fans for new material has been intense. Though Cue has not been quiet all these time – he and (Lil’) Shaker have released a couple of singles under the Leaders of The New School (LOFTNS)- fans have been waiting for that big drop.   

‘’Alidu’’ carries an ebullient aura, with Cue’s bullishness dripping hard.  He raps somewhere on the first verse: ‘’On a track I n dey power/ I just stroll like Bolt in his prime for the gold’’. If you think this is a humble brag, then you have more to deal with. Humble brag in hip hop is essential in a rapper’s toolbox, and here, Cue displays his with sheen. What is different is that, all the claims he makes are true.  The braggadocios talk aside, the Young Daddy Lumba put his competitors in their place with the lines: ‘’Best pose these other clicks (cliques) no get enough to flash, they just pose/ Them all be washed, you got the picture?’’. When it comes to brilliant word plays, Young Daddy Lumba littered this track with many, leaving you shaking your head in disbelief.

Aside the enchantments that ‘’Alidu’’ exude in terms of the rapping, the beat, I guess inspired Cue to go hard. Peewezel created a record built for a concert. The beat is jubilant and well-spaced out, allowing Cue to fit in as many rhymes as he desires. The drums are not overbearingly hard on the ears and the hook is deliberately made for easy sing along during performances. (Is the rumbling voice at the back of the hook a sample?).

The second verse is where the talk among lovers of brilliant wordplay would be applauding especially how he played on the names of Man City players’:

’Your shots like palace, you be missing loads

When we take shots, chale City goals

Sane eba, we getting that sterling in Ghana, we great pass Kevin DeBryune

Jesus, ye Kun s3 Aguero, the boy de play.

Hearing Cue deliver such lyrical performance on ‘Alidu’ should not be surprising. He has always been lethal whenever he wanted. Over the years, he has proven to be one of the best lyricists around. All that is missing is for him to keep feeding the ‘streets’ with music. Could ‘Alidu’ be a precursor to an upcoming project? Is this just to remind all that he can still put other rappers in body bags? Whatever the case, we are all watching his next move. 

Listen below:

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