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Video: Trigmatic Explores The Beauty In Giving On “My Life (Remix)”

A simple act of generosity can go a long way to make an impact on a person’s life, and that of others. Often times, we fail to see or wrap minds around the fact that, what may be ‘worthless’ to us might turn out to be someone’s treasure. The mantra ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’ aptly fit this scenario.

A few days of after staging and selling out Alliance Francaise, Trigmatic has released visuals for his awaited song “My Life” (Remix).

The remix of Trigmatic’s breakthrough song, first released in 2010, features Worlasi, A.I and M.anifest on the remix. The rappers take turns in casting a flashback on their own come – up stories and also, what the future holds for them.

In the video, Trigmatic is seen driving a vintage Benz, listening to YFM (Not surprising. He works at the station as an OAP). On the radio is a female voice (whom we get to see later) speaking highly of a song that she was about to premier on her morning showlaying. Interestingly, she makes this introduction in Ga.

Caught up in a frustrating traffic, Trigmatic offers a young guy he had stopped from washing his windscreen some coins. That’s where the story takes a life of its on.

The camera follows the trails of this young man through a ‘ghetto’ into a recording studio. He pays the producer with the money Trig had given him earlier. The money thus moves from one hand to another until this unique one Ghana coin – which was part of the amount Trigmatic had given the young man- found its way back to this guy once again.

The unique one cedi is used as a metaphor to connote the cycle of life. That is, the universe pays you back for the good you invest in others. That’s how karma works. Not only does Trigmatic bring this to the fore, he, along with 6Miludo Media and B. MAK offer you a moment to think about life and the beauty in helping others.

Watch video below:

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