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Watch: Klu and Edi Young Are Unapologetic On “Sweet Mistake”

Klu doesn’t get enough props for his contribution to trap music in Ghana. As one of the fervent disciples of the trap sound – along with Dex Kwasi- the rapper and producer was pushing the genre way before its explosion. Klu was exploring and experimenting with this ‘unknown” sound when his compatriots were chasing the popular sound of the late 2000s.

“Sweet Mistake” is his latest offering. Klu doe not sound apologetic to the ‘mistake’ he has committed and vows to repeat it. “I just chop my paddy in girl/ Such a sweet mistake, Imma do it again”, he declared on the hook of the song.

Klu is not the only one with a tale to tell. Edi Young, whom he featured shares his version of events: how he met her and ended up committing a “sweet mistake” with no regret. (If you are not familiar with this Nigerian crooner Edi Young, google him).

The video for “Sweet Mistake” is not flamboyant yet its visual appeal can not denied . The director, Andy Madjetey scored high on the technical side: colour grading or texture, angles of shots, the attitude of the characters, use of silhouette and the mirage-like floor at the beginning provided adequate effect.

Another quality of the video is the fact that, the scenes were not rushed; each frame run long enough for the viewer to see every detail.

And though the song is about sex, the visuals barely made that obvious like is the case with many videos with sexual themes. All hints were subliminally relayed. (Drag to 2:07 seconds).

Watch video below:

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