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Video: Mr.Eazi Pays The Prize For Cheating In ‘Miss You Bad”

Accepting you are wrong in a relationship is not an act many are ready or willing to without some level of equalization – pointing out a wrong the other partner might have committed. Often, such tactic is employed to keep one party in the relationship or justify their act. Mr. Eazi said it best on the pre-hook of “Miss You Bad”: ‘Sake of I cheat/Wey you cheat/ Wey I cheat/ Wey you cheat back/ Baby, make we cancel am”.

“Miss You Bad”, one of the standouts from his “Life Is Eazi Vol. 2- Lagos To London” album, is about apologising and begging for a comeback. On this mid-tempo, afropop- EDM tinged bop, Mr. Eazi sings about his desperation to work things out with his ex. Burma Boy, on the other hand paints a dreary picture of his emotional burnout due to the strained relationship: ”Double days on the road/ Couple of days in the same clothes/ Baby, I’ve been so drunk”.

The “Miss You Bad” video captures the spirit of the song by way of the distress emotions that the characters – Mr. Eazi, Burna Boy and the ladies- worn. The opening scene of the video does establishe the effects of the break-up: both Eazi and his girl wake up to an empty bed. The feeling of loneliness, staring at the window panes, trapped in lost thoughts are fully displayed.

The quality of video is not in doubt. The visuals look pristine, the set amazing and the costumes are excellent. If there is one prevalent feature in the videos Mr. Eazi has releases so far, it’s the projection of African wax. In this video – like in the “Dabebi” video- African wax are a prominent feature: whether being used for interior decor or worn. It’s possible to sell both our music and couture to the world.

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