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Pappy Kojo ft Joey B & Nshona – Balance

Pappy Kojo comes alive when he has a sparring rap partner by his side. Thankfully, his long rap buddy, Joey B is in the frame to inspire him to his very best. The two have become rap’s best tag-team for a while, since their first collaborative efforts, ”Wave” and “Realer No”, hit mainstream in 2016. That, began a musical association that gathered a steamy following and interest. Since reuniting again, after a short ‘divorce’, on “Greetings From Abroad”, Pappy and Joey have unleashed another banging hip hop tune ”Balance” that has got the streets talking.

Produced by Altra Nova, “Balance” is, from the opening sound of the beat, a certified gold material. The production doesn’t sound complex on a listen, but is layered thanks to few interesting elements that sublimely lies beneath the kick and bass (like the squeaky bed noise). Pappy sounds very refreshed and comfortable on the best, his flow almost impeccable. “I ain’t the sauce, i’m the soup”, he declares. With ad-libs from $pacely and an energising verse from Nshona, the song earns its balance (all pun) courtesy Joey B’s quotable chorus: ‘you dey the back dey front, who be the boss?’. Expect that line to become a favourite of many.

E.L feat Kwesi Arthur – Collect

E.L did something different with the visuals for “Collect”, the single he released in December. The video marries a good storyline (even if you find it corny) and drama to provoke excitement as you watched. The video mirrors the overall lyrics of the song: a man ready to spend on a lady without care.

A lady steps into a bank- “Collect Bank” to transact business, only to be met with glances from male customers. Finally, she’s approached by a guy who’s ready to encourage her ‘collecting’ game. The banking hall is soon turned into a playground. The resplendence in their fashion is great, likewise the injection of Ga and adowa dancers which brought to the fore the exciting dance culture we have.

Lady Jay & Ria Boss – We Tried

Two of my favourite singers dropped this “trap & B” song that encourages and celebrates women who have risen from a place of hurt. “We Tried” broaches the theme of heartbreak- losing someone or watching them slip away. The solid vocal delivery from Lady Jay and Ria Boss’ airy, soulful, calmer tone leaves you gushing for more. This surely is the balance you need, musically. Oh, Kuvie is on it too. This effort has left me wishing for to hear these two singers on a short, joint EP, with production handled by Kuvie and his friends.

Falz – Talk

One thing Nigerian rapper Falz doesn’t back down is when expressing his views on socio-political happenings in his country. From his Childish Gambino inspired “This Is Nigeria”, the “Soft Work” rapper seem to explore such hard issues in an appealing manner. “Talk”, his latest follows in that stead. Falz present an honest, provocative commentary about Nigerian and how the response of the citizenry encourages certain attitudes while pointing out the irony in the actions of Nigerians.

“Small man thief for market you set fire for in body/ big man thief money, we dey hail am like dummy”, he raps. He also points out how church goers would contribute to buy planes for their pastors yet continue to wallow in poverty. The video has some quiet interesting scene, like the cover of the magazine the market guy had in hand. Nostalgia is once again served in the video through the video game formatted scenes.

Kayso – Flourish (Amen)

The year couldn’t have began on a more inspiring note: Kayso wants everyone to flourish this year. The trumpet sound at the beginning of the song warms you up for what is to come. The drum roll and Kayso’s vocals drop over the hi-lifey song. Kayso wants to be told the truth; he has a mum who prays for him; a dad who’s crushing in the hours at work; and a brother with dreams of being a footballer. For their efforts, he hopes all of them to flourish. A danceable beat, sing along lyrics and a message of hope are enough inputs for a Kayso joint. Of course, “this year we go flourish”.

Reynolds TheGentleman – Sa Ma Me

Reynolds is one talented producer and musician who is doing his best to juggle between these two world. It’s often not easy to master both, but he is given himself a shot. “Sa Ma Me” which translate from Twi as ‘dance for me’ is his new single. The afropop toned song carries a feel good tone and danceable groove. Reynolds sings about the loving ways of his girl. “Sa Ma Me” pales in comparison to his previous songs especially off his excellent made “The Magic In The Ordinary” album and subsequent singles. “Sa Ma Me” is not remarkable; the songwriting could have been better. And again, RTG should bid his time and let the music stew before he drops it- sometimes perfection is the answer.

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