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Video: J. Derobie – Poverty

Wey mi know say mana big star, poverty you can’t stop me from my shine” – J. Derobie

A lot has been written and discussed about poverty and how it impedes the dreams of many. People have hopes, love and goodness to offer humanity and the world yet, due to their crippling economic circumstances, such dreams and hopes remain nothing but fantasies. Dreams, for most people, is like air: you feel it yet can’t see it. You can only speak about it to those willing to spare an ear, not because they truly believe in it but out of courtesy. You need a listening ear. They offer you one.

There are times when the universe conspire to help your dreams become reality. It happens so fast that, you begin to question how it all unfolded. In the case of J. Derobie, his dream of becoming a music sensation seem to have been handed great push.

If there’s any truth in the saying that it takes a community to raise a person, then, J. Derobie’s walk to ‘fame’ epitomizes this mantra. His entry video to Mr. Eazi’s #EmPawaAfrica 100 Initiative received widespread praise when it surfaced online – specifically Dec. 14. Those who saw the short video sent out the link to Mr. Eazi; some, literally begging the “I Surrender” hit maker to select him. That was how J. Derobie was shortlisted as one of the 100 winners, earning a free video shoot for his song “Poverty”. Twitter, once again, did their thing.

It’s readily evident why J. Derobie is courting such a profound love following the release of his song and video. His delivery of the patois lingua is effortless, likewise his overall performance. He seem super chilled; dropping line upon line of this self inspiring sermon which resonate with all. The anecdotes of life that fill the song sounds like a true account of his own circumstances. And to add to his charm, J. Derobie looks like the guy next door- an unassuming, young fella.

‘Poverty’, produced by Ugly On It, is a song about striving for success despite his poor background. And, across his patios filled delivery, J. Derobie emphasizes his own determination to break free from it, become successful and take care of his family.

The video tells a story about the hustling gigs of those bearing the same ambitions as his: striving to break free from the claws of poverty. The daily dealings of people – hawkers, beggars, currency changers, kids and many other hustles are captured excellently in the visuals. The video also pays nod to J. Derobie’s ‘rise’: a friend shares a video of him performing to a handful of friends online and minutes after, the video goes viral.

If the response to this song and video is anything to go by then, J. Derobie has now found himself a constituents he must serve and build upon. Mr. Eazi has afforded him an opportunity. The rest of the work is up to him. And for sure, J. Derobie has too huge, too infectious and too genuine a talent to not succeed. “Poverty” is definitely an anthem and the ‘streets’ have endorsed it.

Watch video below:

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