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Darkovibes Is Not Ready To Be Reckless On “Obra” featuring Mac M

Darkovibes, one of the hottest prospects on the music scene, and a member of the collective, LaMeme Gang has began the year on a worthy note. As the new year unfolds and new resolutions are made, Darkovibes knows he must make his resolutions loud and clear to all, especially friends and acquaintances with opportunistic tendencies.

“Obra” (Life) is stewed in mid-tempo trap serenity. The 4 minutes and three second song begins on a breezy note, with Darkovibes humming ad-libs over the MikeMillzOn’Em produced song.

“I kill all my enemies with my eyes closed”, Darkovibes declares on the opening line of the song. He proceeds to humble brag about how different he is amongst his peers, including how ‘i won’t stain my body no/i don’t play with dirty, no”, in his now recognizable pidgin English- Ga, sing-rap style.

On the song’s hook, he points out how tough life has become, warn friends who come around when you have money. It’s interesting how lapiwa, a very famous food is used as metaphor for hard times.

The second part of the song is taken over by Mac M, who weaves a story about his youthful shenanigans with his friends – chasing girls and other indulgences- and its outcome on his present circumstances. The reflective tone of Mac M’s tone and flow hands “Obra” adds an aching feel to the song.

The growing catalog of Darkovibes – from individual singles, joint LaMeme Gang songs or features- attest to the 23- year old’s depth of talent. His charisma shines across records. In fact, Darkovibes is one of those artists who don’t struggle to make records. And, he is evidently living by the vibes in his name.

Listen to “Obra”

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