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Video: Teephlow Feat Adina – Fakye

You sometimes hear a song that instantly hit you. It could be the lyrics or the melody. Sometimes it is everything about the song: groove, the message, the vocals, cadence and delivery of flows (in the case of rap). The latter was what piqued my interest last night when Teephlow and Adina performed their collaborative effort, “Forgive” during Adina’s set at the Citi FM organized “Decemba 2 Rememba” event.

The mid-tempo, afropop song touches on the infallibility or indiscretion of humans: to wrong, disappoint and cause pain to others, unknowingly or otherwise. Like the well known dictum, ‘to err is human’, there’s also a reminder not to go to bed with anger and pain in ones heart. This is the message that Teephlow and Adina convey on “Forgive”.

Teephlow raps with a laid back, introspective tone, citing the flaws of humans and how that impacts, especially close knitted relationships. Adina Thembi’s sugary vocals spread around the song like icing on cake. “Please forgive him if you can… if someone wrongs you”, Adina sings on the hook, ”cos you can’t tell what the future holds”.

The video for “Forgive” features actor Prince David Osei along with two female actors who dramatize the content of the song. It follows the story of a man (Prince) who, doesn’t only cheat on his married wife but goes to live with the new wife and kid. Tragedy hit in the end partly due to the decision not to forgive, despite the remorse, consumes everyone involved.

The KP Selorm captured scenes combine close ups, long, panoramic shots. The acting was great, likewise the colour grading of the video. However, one could envisage how the story would end a few minutes into it. (At least I did). Granted KP Selorm wanted to make a video with a simple storyline- follows a popular trope of men always messing things up, the story didn’t challenge one’s imagination. This, however, doesn’t ruin the visuals or story told in the video.

Watch video below:

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