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THE CUTS reviews songs, videos or albums we think deserves your attention. The music covered are not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it would be reviewed or featured. THE CUTS is available every FRIDAY.

Mr. Eazi – Dabebi ft. King Promise & Maleek Berry

One fact is absolute: this video for “Dabebi”, one of the standout songs on Mr. Eazi’s ‘Life’s Eazi Vol. 2’, is artsy and classy. The stunning visual treatments aside- the excellent lighting and colour grading, courtesy David Nicol- Sey and his North Production crew- and the promotion of African fabrics ­­­­­and art is excellent. Like the story of the song- Mr. Eazi missing a lover- the video expresses the lyrics more vividly.

In their quest to fill the emptiness, they reminisce about the beautiful moments they used to share together. Scenes of Mr. Eazi and his lover sitting at a café ‘small talking’ like lovers do or sitting by the pool enjoying each other’s presence ­­­­is very relatable to the many who find themselves missing their lovers. Having both the main and supporting leads draped in beautiful African couture and showcasing some incredible art pieces goes a long way to ‘Africanize’ the video.

IFKR – Buei Mu ft. Hama & $pacely

One of the standouts on the debut album of IFKR (DJ duo of DJ K3V and Eff The DJ) is “Buei Mu”. Hama and $pacely, featured on the song combined their energy and style on a dancehall, EDM fused beat, emitting torrents of vibes that your body can’t decline to accept.  Like the energy behind the song, the TKO video for “Buei Mu” brims with infectious excitment: girls wiggle their waist, K3v, Eff, $pacely and Hama seem to be having the best of fun in the video.

Bowale – Farabale

Melodic, groovy, calming. These are the sonic attributes of Bowale’s ‘’Farabale’’- a Yoruba word meaning ‘Calm’ or ‘Relax’. Produced by Teemix, the song carries a mid-tempo feel. Bowale sing-raps in Yoruba and English, his verses touching on the good side of life. The feel good aura of the song makes it a perfect fit for all situations: relaxation, long drives, party.

Kofi Jamar featuring Akan & Lino Breezy – Kwan Tenten

­­­Highlife music, specifically palmwine music is an exciting listen. The strums of the guitar, the minimal drum taps and ringing of other instruments that filter through it expertly combine to emit a desiring feeling. It carries an extra riveting sensation when these vintage chops are sampled expertly into modern day hiplife/rap music. That’s what producer, Trino did on “Kwan Tenten”.

‘’Kwan Tenten’ – which translate as long walk/journey to success- has Kofi Jamar, Akan and Lino Breezy taking turns to rap about the spirit of hustling and its ultimate reward of a better future. Akan opens the song with an old age reminder: if you keep working at it, you’d find success. Jamar and Lino continue with the same message from different perspectives. The vintage guitar riffs, message, overall production and display by these rappers is an indication of how life they -along with producers like Juls- are breathing into vintage Ghanaian highlife music.

Supa Gaeta – BAM

Supa Gaeta is ready to sacrifice it all for a girl with a big hump, despite deflecting his advances. And he might not be alone. The rapper is reflecting the sentiments of guys who are enchanted, among other qualities – physical and innate. Carrying an afro-dancehall beat, Supa offers a peak into his thoughts with the lines:  ‘give me your cake and gimme icing/baby, your body so enticing’ before interpolating the famous Sister Nacy “Bam Bam” line on the hook. The video scenes transition from the studio, a staircase (of a flat) and outdoors. This is a low-budget video that captures everything Supa is saying

John Hill – Vex

The opening scene of the video has a cinematic appeal: the crushing waves, the crimson spot breaking through the cloudy grey cloud, the on-shore canoe, and the young kid emerging out of the sea. John Hill staring stoically into the camera emit an ominous feeling. “Vex” is a trap heavy song that has John Hill rapping about how his content vexes others.

Directed by Wilkins Avono, the video is shot at the beach, with John and a few young boys jamming around. A song with such energy deserved extra people in the video to match it. That’s what “Vex”, the video lacks.

Super Keileb – Autobiography

Like the song title indicate, Super Keileb takes you on a run about his life, how he started out rapping, how his crew motivate him and his ambition for the future: “we working today/for a brighter day”, he sings on the Hikari produced song.

”Autobiography” is an entirely piano chords driven song with Super Keileb’s fast paced rapping contrasting with the “scaley” nature of the song. With eyes towards a great future, Super Keileb is sharing his story so you won’t think success came his way without a struggle.

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