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Joey B and Pappy Kojo Offer Nostalgia In 90s Styled Video “Greetings From Abroad”

It was four years ago that rappers, Joey B and Pappy Kojo first teamed up on “Wave”. It was on this song that Pappy Kojo was officially introduced to the world by Joey B. This gesture was reciprocated by Pappy on his major single, “Realer No”, days after “Waves”. A few collaborations and features followed and then, the relationship went frosty; so went the reports.

Last year, the two joined forces once again on “M’akoma”, an afropop tune by Pappy Kojo with hook duties from Joey B. The re-invigorated bromance between these two rappers has come full circle. The result: a new song and video ”Greetings From Abroad”. The Altranova produced song harkens back to 90s era burger highlife music.

The black-and-white shot video is rendered in 90s style format and evokes nostalgic memories from that era. Joey B’s love for retro highlife music interpolation is very present. The time stamp of the video- March 06, 1998 put things in perspective.

Watching the video, one familiar with the 90s would recognize certain striking throwback references like the title of the song. “Greetings From Abroad” was a popular TV show in the mid-90s which gave Ghanaians abroad the opportunity to send greetings to loved ones back home. Hosted by Nana Adwoa Awindor (mother of singer Efya), the show became one of the most watched programmes on TV during that time.

The costumes, the picture quality and the ambience of the video pays tribute to works by the likes of Daddy Lumba and Nana Acheampong- two of the popular musicians who were resident in Germany-during the height of their careers. The text inscription and part of the storyline references the style used by Kool Joe and Michael Dwamena (RIP) on “Tebidi”. It’s unsurprising to, therefore, see Joey B and Pappy Kojo doing the Daddy Lumba ”Aben Wo Ha” shoulder moves in the video.

The opening scene of this GOLDYUNGE and Darryl (Joey B) directed video offers a glimpse of what is to follow. The Robb Ointment advert at the beginning is so brilliant. Joey B has a knack for classic highlife interpolations. On ”Greetings From Abroad”, he references Bessa Simons’ classic “Awo Yi” to express his longing for his lover. Pappy Kojo does same in his raps: he plays on the names of high life legend Rex Omar ,TH4Kwagees (or PK4Kwagees), Kontihene’s “Akatesia” and Lord Kenya’s “Odo” (Chicki).

“Greetings From Abroad” is not the first song/video by Joey B that pays homage to the 90s. In his 2016 video for “89” featuring Mutombo Da Poet, Joey B paid homage to hiplife culture of late 90s to early 2000s. If one considers the song ”Nsa” and it’s accompanying video, one can’t b me wrong in saying, Joey B is paying homage to every era and genre of music that was popular in Ghana in the past.

By making records and shooting videos like “Greetings From Abroad” and “89” and the numerous interpolations he employs in his music, Joey B is not only paying homage to the legends and era that inspired him. He is also helping preserve and showcase the excellent work done in the past.

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