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Video: Sarkodie Drops “Biibi Ba” Video; Reminds Us To Make Money

Famed Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie has gotten to a point in his life- and career- where every move of his is received with optimism or cynicism. The divisive debate any move of his actions generate, especially online can be hilarious and intense at the same time. Whether it’s his tweets which most often are flaccid or his call to duty, Sarkodie receives the carrot and stick treatment.

One area he has received criticism from a section of the public has been his music. Not what he put out. (That also get critiqued sometimes). It is when he hops on songs by others or features them on songs that split heads. Sarkodie’s modus operandi is to drop a verse on (potential) hit songs by young artists on the climb or feature them on his song.

This move is considered by some, as his way of staying relevant and within the music conversation. That is, voluntarily dropping a verse on a newcomers song or calling them for a feature is more of a self promotion antic than it is altruistic. This debate surfaced once more online (twitter) following the released of the video for “Biibi Ba”

“Biibi Ba” began as a online challenge where rappers were invited to drop a hot 8 bars on the “Biibi Ba” beat which also contained a hook by Sarkodie. The response was overwhelming. In the end, Sarkodie picked LJ, Tulenkey, ToyBoi, Frequency, Kofi Mole, CJ Biggerman, Amerado, OBKay, Yeyo and 2Fingerz- all young rappers for the final version of “Biibi Ba” produced by Fortune Dane.

The video, shot by Babs Directions is creatively engineered to bring the essential elements of the song. This is on display at the beginning where a handful of people (of all persuasions) are seen fighting over money falling from the air. This is in tandem with the hook of the song: ”Biibi Ba o/ Brother for make that money”. (Biibi Ba means something is about to happen). A cautionary tale about saving towards life’s uncertainties).

The 7 minutes, 38 seconds video focuses more on the featured artists than Sarkodie. Unlike most posse cuts videos were all artists are often seen together at one location point, Babs and Sarkodie ensured that, each frame featured the artist in their ‘own space’.

LJ (Lyrical Joe) is shown in the midst of an all white wearing ‘spirits’. Tulenkey raps inside a broken down car, Frequency with his antenna at his back performs on top of a residential flat and Kofi Mole get baptized in a river.

Toyboi is in bondage, Yeyo is seeking protection from traditionalists. Amerado plays the undertaker, 2Fingerz performs at an e-waste dumping site, OBKay is strapped to a wheelchair and CJ Biggerman strolls through a cemetery with his dogs in hand.

The individual frames or scenes aside, all the artists rapped to the poignant issue of making money. Frequency creatively personified the good and ill that he (money) brings to the seeker.

Now that the video and music is out, and the debate still raging with no conclusion in sight- unless you are explicitly for or against the antics of Sarkodie, one thing is clear about the song or video: You Must Make Money if you desire a comfortable life.

Watch video below:

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