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Trigmatic – My Life (Remix) feat Worlasi, A.I & M.anifest

Trigmatic could have presented this song as a new single and we’ll be fine with it. 8 years ago, a fresh faced Trig released ‘’My Life’’, a hip hop tune that earned him the “Best Rapper” at the 2001 Ghana Music Awards. ‘’My Life’’ was a plea to God for guidance and strength as he embarked on his musical journey. 8 years on, Trigmatic has achieved success. With success comes new challenges. Along with A.I, Worlasi and M.anifest, they share their perspectives on life, the rap scene and how far they have come.

Produced by Genius Selection, ‘’My Life’’ (Remix) is more traditional in rhythm, mellow, sobering (the flute is haunting). Genius infuses live recording of song with programmed highlife beat. There’s something quite interesting about the features: Trig and M.dot are old acts; Worlasi and A.I. are new acts, yet they seem to talk about the same thing: new challenges and disprove the doubters respectively.

E.L feat Kwesi Arthur – Collect

E.L and Kwesi Arthur have different tales to share about their experiences with two women on ”Collect”. Enamoured by her physical attributes -a thick body, EL is willing to splash money on a Fathia, who ‘says she wan count dollar’. Kwesi Arthur is, however caught up in a different scenario: his finances can’t satisfy the needs of the girl he’s dating. ”She’s not an ordinary groupie” but a ”slay mama”, Kwesi makes it known. In short, his lifestyle and her ‘high life’ are at variance. “Collect” could, potentially be EL’s best song this year. The afropop groove, the repetitive chorus, along with the guitar riff at the beginning of the song are the charms on ”Collect”.

Joey B ft Medikal – 911

A horse escaping a raging inferno. The fireball on top of the horse’s head looks like a lion roaring. Danger beckons. 911 is usually called when there’s an impending danger or during emergencies. For Joey B and Medikal, 911 signifies how dangerous they can be. Over a minimalistic beat courtesy Kuvie, the two rappers freely talk about their booking fees and playboy qualities respectively.

Joey B delivers his raps in his typical unforced, one line-and-pause flow, Medikal fills his with punchlines and wordplay from the jump. “911” is Joey B going back to rapping; something he says he’d reconsider if the applauds aren’t loud enough.

Seyyoh – MayDay

The 22 second opening solo guitar licks is broken by the looped drums that changes the character of the song from its jazz ambience to something more rigorous. ‘’MayDay’’ by Seyyoh is a fuss about a failed relationship. Interestingly, she expect her ex to ‘call my phone” even “though I let you go”. Seyyoh takes the position of an entitled lover on this song. Her words are delivered with stillness, masking off the pain and regrets of losing a lover.

Mester Oscar – Mercy

The longing for a lover’s presence can be daunting, especially when they are far away from you. The desire, the lingering expectation and the absence could be consuming. Mester Oscar sings about missing Mercy and all that she offers him and wonders when she’d be coming back to him. ‘Mercy’, produced by AFROLEKTRA, carries a dance/pop feel and offers the listener chance to exhibit all their dance skills to maximum effect.

Lemyang x Kasheefa – Lost To The City

Lemyang and Kasheefa own up to their imperfections in their relationship, yet are unwilling to lose each other. Over a trap-RnB beat, they take turns to emphasize why they can’t let the other go despite the friction between them. “Lost To The City” has Kasheefa, in her soulful, squishing voice literally begging her man not to get lost in the city. Lemyang in his melodic rap style confirms how he wants to leave yet keeps coming back to her. Irrationality comes with falling in love and Lemyang and Kasheefa confirm this.

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