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Cina Soul Celebrates Culture, Tradition And Love In Stunning “Ojorley” Video

On April 23, following her deal with Universal Music Group (UMG), a private party was held at La Villa Boutique at Osu, to celebrate her win. At the event, an elated Cina Soul gave a thrilling performance, revealing on the night, her new musical direction.

She also out-doored her alter ego -Kla Manye (Queen ofSoul). Not only did she offer a snippet of this new musical direction, she also made a promise to all those who were present at the event, including her family members. ”I want you to know Cina won’t disgrace you”. This she said with a sense of pride and confidence.

Fast forward to yesterday, the ‘’Julor’’ singer has backed her promise up with the release of her excellently crafted video for her latest single, ‘’Ojorley”, the first single from her upcoming tape “Ga Mashie”. Not only is the video a beautiful piece of work, Cina Soul offers a glimpse into the new musical direction she alluded to during the April outdooring party. This direction is a fusion of Ga traditional music with a touch of her signature soulful delivery.

“Ojorley” is a Ga word which translate as ‘Your lover’. In the song, Cina Soul admonishes a man (Paa Tee) to cut ties with his lover and go back to his wife who has returned from a sojourn. ‘Who are you deceiving? You have no shillings to take care of two women’, Cina Soul sings. The song may well be interpreted in another realm: a reminder to embrace our rich cultural ethos which we have substituted for something foreign.

The Gene Adu directed video is layered: it expertly combines the history, traditions, customs of the Ga people with a compelling love storytelling;all delivered in a 6 minute long video reel.

Engrossing from the opening minute, a female voice narrates the history of Ga Mashi (Jamestown) and its residents. The narrative is enriched by shots of everyday people. The video also pay homage to Jamestown- Cina’s ancestral home and the location where most parts of the video was shot.

From Cina Soul getting treated like a royal -the bathing scene and served lunch at the beach, to predicting the disastrous ending of a love affair, to the director blending magnificent shots of her with the scenery of Jamestown makes the video such a enthralling watch.

The eye pleasing visuals makes the 6 minutes video a very short watch. The cultural references, the storytelling, the chosen costumes, cinematography, the video treatment, the confidence of Cina Soul coupled with her amazing voice combine to make this video such a great watch. “Ojorley” is a fascinating piece of art. It’s a video of the year contender.

2 Responses to “Cina Soul Celebrates Culture, Tradition And Love In Stunning “Ojorley” Video”

  1. Annietter

    Actually, “ojorley” doesn’t mean “leave your lover”
    It translates to just “your lover”
    It is rather “shi ojorley” which translates to “leave your lover”


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