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Watch Lady Donli’s Performance Art Inspired ”Games”; Santi Channels His Youthful Exuberance On “Rapid Fire”

Lady Donli – Games

Lady Donli is a Nigerian singer who carries the accolade of being the second recipient of #EmpawaAfrica” initiative by Nigerian afrobeats sensation, Mr. Eazi. ‘Games’, her second video to be shot under the initiative has Lady Donli stating emphatically how she won’t countenance any ‘games’ from her boyfriend.

Directed by Irene Ashu, the video is rendered in a performance art style, with a touch of animation. Lady Donli and a team of performers are seen dancing, shifting square boxes, ‘playing’ with this potential boyfriend while emphasizing she’s ‘not here to play these games and give up all the fame for you’. Having her boyfriend watch her performance through a VR headset is to ensure her comments are well heard or seen by him.

Santi feat Shane Eagle & Amaa Rae – Rapid Fire.

Santi is one of the highly regarded alte artists in Nigeria. The dreadlock spotting act carries with him a trait of wildness or non-comformity. This, he expresses in his art. Like other alte acts, his music is more experimental and mood driven and the aesthetics of his videos reflect that as well.

“Rapid Fire” is his latest delivery and showcases his love to freely be himself. The self directed video offers a snapshot of youthful indulgences and brotherhood signified by shirtless guys and party scenes. Santi’s “Rapid Fire” is handed a layer of vocal diversity courtesy verses from South African rapper Shane Eagle and Ghanaian songbird, Amaa Rae, whose interpolation of J.Lo’s “I’m Real’ is super dope.

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