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THE CUTS: EP 04 Vol. 8

THE CUTS reviews songs, videos or albums we think deserves your attention. The music covered are not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it would be reviewed here. THE CUTS is available every FRIDAY

Kxng Joey ft Magnom – Empress

Kxng Joey is having an exciting end of year run. After releasing ‘ICYMI”- along with Moor Sound and Copta- arguably one of the best tapes of the year, he is out with a video for his single “Empress”, featuring Magnom. The song is a celebration of love between himself and his partner.

The dancehall tinged aura of the song is ably reflected in the video. The director, Edgar Tagor creates a tropical scenery for Kxng Joey, Magnom, their friends (including Moor Sound & Copta) to bask in the tasteful vibes of the Caribbean Islands along with their girls.

Dr. Laylow – No Sleep

One of the benefits of the ”EmpawaAfrica” initiative began by singer, Mr. Eazi is that, we are getting to hear some excellent compositions that would, otherwise had flown under our radar. One of these artists is Dr. Laylow whose song, ‘No Sleep” is enjoying online traction. Produced by TIXARD, ‘No Sleep’ is a song about working towards success while being conscious of the traps of life.

Dr. Laylow switches his flow between Ga, English and Twi. The delivery is unforced; the message is inspiring and of course, the bounce is catchy. All these elements thus make ‘No Sleep’ the next street anthem- like Kwesi Arthur’s ‘Grind Day’- if and only if the song is well promoted. I hope Dr. Laylow knows where to begin. I’m, however, pissed at how the song ended. You guys could let the beat run a bit more!!!

Another “EmpawaAfrica” entry, Joojo Addison’s ‘Guy Man’ has become an instant online hit. The song discusses the hardships of living in Accra: one has to be smart and not be envious of the success of another person if you want to stay out of trouble.

The singer/songwriter/rapper/poet’s message doesn’t only capture the realities of Accra, but resonates with a lot of people. The message aside, the rhythmic appeal of ‘Guy Man’ is a standout. The highlife feel, Joojo’s baritone voice and backing vocals from the female singers hands the song its quality. Joojo is blessed with an ‘old man’s’ voice. Thankfully, he knows how to use excellently.

CHx & Paybac – Auto Pilot

If you lay hands on “Auto Pilot”, the 8 track EP from CHx and Paybac, listen to ‘Flight Mode’ (track 2) and ‘U Luckee’ (track 5) first. These two tracks prepare you for the an experience across the EP. Steeped in trap sound- drums, kicks and head bopping bounce- CHx and Payback seem to be having fun on the records.

‘Flight Mode’’s infectious trap bounce would have MikeWill Made It applauding. It’s that type of record you play loud with your windows rolled down.  ‘U Luckee’ is a mash up of soulful piano and trap rhythms with the rappers showing off their best one liners. On ‘Long Kiss Goodnight’,  heartbreak song, they take turns to reveal their emotions in a druggy tone: ‘it’s a long kiss goodnight, i’m too night, I wanna die’


Chris – My Bed

An up tempo tune stewed in groovy afropop vibes, Chris tells a girl ‘I want you in my bed’. He’s a guy indicating to a girl how he wants to have her to himself and ‘doesn’t have a problem if she has a man’. With a voice that is similar in tone to Burna Boy, Chris conveys his lustful intentions via crooning and a bit of rapping- indicating his versatility. ” Thanks to its simple hook and good melody, Chris has a jam on his hands

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