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M3NSA Taps Amaarae For “SDI”

A collaboration between the amazing M3NSA and the incredible Amaarae was bound to happen at a point. Fortunately, we did not have to wait for too long to hear these two artists on a song.

“SDI”, which translate in full as “Still Dey Inside” is a fusion of EDM and hip hop elements into a riveting song with relatable themes- and profound sage words- sourced from experience and observations from M3NSA, an elder statesman within the music scene.

The music video, directed by Fotombo, combines visuals from Ghana and Hungary. Bicycle rides (through the streets of Dansoman i guess), canoe cruise and portrait- like shots- both in long and medium shots unfold into an exciting watch. Both M3NSA and Amaarae look relaxed and playful in the excellently colour graded video.

The lyrics of SDI can be described as a snapshot of criticism (“We no no where we dey go cos we no dey kai history”); self belief (“failing no dey in my anatomy tho'”) and pride (“you try ever since, to burst my bubble of effervescence/transcending everything, black excellence”). Amaarae, in her unmistakable sizzling falsetto caps it up on a high: “killing with greatness but they say its too soon”. Did anybody catch M3Ns’ facial expression when Amaarae began her verse?

“SDI” is testimony to how M3NSA and artists like himself are charting their own path and not buckling under the weight of expectations of people. Like the songs hook amply states: “we still dey inside o/ we just dey ive our life o/ and try enjoy the ride o/ we no go fit to backslide o”. In short, be yourself.

Watch video

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