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AYAT ‘GUDA’ Is An Excellent Work of Art.


The wait is over. All the online reminders to keep wait for something special has finally paid off. AYAT, the hausa trap lord has outdone himself once again. The visuals for ‘GUDA’ is strikingly amazing by all standards. Let me add this: if you want to enjoy a viewing experience, adjust the video quality to 2160p .

Now, let’s agree on something: David Nicol-Sey of North Productions is an ‘ill-minded’ creative. His videos, from concept to quality of production stands at par with the works of some of your favourite international video directors. His works always have a degree of cinematic aura around it.

Now, back to the video. The colour grading and the angles of camera shots are mind-blowing. The opening scene looks like a movie shot. The vast green vegetation with pockets of trees standing on them with the golden sun blaze offers a surreal feel. Nature indeed has a healing quality.

The costuming is spot on. Two guys are seen wearing a leather jacket walking on a school veranda. AYAT, along with his folks look dapper in their afro-centric outfits; combining fitting suits and leather jackets complimented by their berets (a style more associated with Black Panther Party). AYAT, however wears a fedora hat and an unbuttoned suit. In the following scenes, AYAT dresses like a Sarki (a Moslem Chief) riding on his horse, flanked by a traditional warrior. The women in the video look splendid in their afro-chic clothes. The famous fugu makes a representation in the video.


Art by Hanson Akatti ()

‘GUDA’ also exhibits the culture and live of the people of Bolgatanga (where the video was shot): the joyous dance, the ploughing of farmlands, the horses, cattle and donkeys that were grazing the land, as well as the sparse yet beautiful architecture of their homes and the landscape of the region.

AYAT and his team offer a perfect blend of culture, tradition and modern fashion styles in this video. It’s about representation and portraying an aspect of our lives that isn’t often depicted in visuals. AYAT has put out one of the best videos this year. The trend-bearer has arrived just like a line in the song states: ‘naka daban na’ (your art is different).

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