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THE CUTS EXTRA: Songs You Must Hear

For two weeks, your favourite segment, THE CUTS has not been up due to some important reasons for which we apologize. With a backlog of songs from the past two weeks, we decided to sift through them, picking those we think you must hear,

Kwesi Arthur feat KiDi – Don’t Keep Me Waiting

One can criticize the generic afropop template that Nytwulf made for this song. However, the catchy, danceable and sing- along groove and melody makes sense. Perhaps, after the success of “Woara”, Kwesi Arthur chose to continue on the same trajectory. And who else is worth putting on for balance? KiDi.

Aside what KiDi brings to the table, these two on a track is long overdue. “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” has them pleading with their loved ones not to break their hearts. “If your feelings sef have changed, just let me know”, Kwesi Arthur pleads. KiDi’s singing carries an Ofori Amponsah feel. It’s clear to see why some are dismissing this song as ‘trash’. They expect Kwesi Arthur to not go pop. What is for certain is that, the critics would be singing along to this song very soon.


#ThankGodForRia has become a trending hash tag over the past two weeks. The deal is simple: each Friday, Ria Boss will release new music for fans and music lovers. This is her own version of ‘Good Friday’. A fortnight ago, she released LOVEFLUX; a breezy, sheltering jazz and soul influenced EP with a caption that reads: ‘We accept the love we think we deserve’.

This week, ‘WILD WOMAN’ came out. It follows in the four song tradition of precious EP. “I’m just a soul whose intentions are good”, reads the accompanying caption. These captions serve as the direction point of the EPs which are all executive produced by The FlowerPapi. One is tempted to ask how many songs does Ria hold? And how long is this generosity going to last? Then again, one must be reminded that, artists like Ria can make music as and when they please. Plus their throwaways and uncut versions of song ideas could even be good to the ears.

Vision DJ feat $pacely – Call Me

Vision DJ is back with another potential radio dominating single titled “Call Me”. Recruiting LaMeme Gang member, $pacely, “Call Me” follows today’s afro pop trope of slapping snare and kicks. This love song has $pacely ditching his oft dancehall or double and sometimes triple, fast paced rap style for a surprising melodic rendition of his willingness to get a girl’s number despite having a boyfriend. (The singing feels like something from Joey B’s vault). “Call Me” isn’t an outstanding outing but constant radio spins could help make it a hit.

Akan – Ma Jaacki (Freestyle)

It must be said that, Akan has reached a point in his career-albeit short- where you don’t have to doubt him when he promises something new. You instantly know it’s not a hype building promise but a golden offer. “Ma Jaacki”, his new offering validate this point. A video of him freestyle part of the sing surfaced some months ago.

Last week, Akan released a video of the full song, which is an exercise in lyrical proficiency. The black-and white-shot video has him in a topless SUV rapping away like a man who has won his freedom. The intensity of his delivery is at variance with his casual demeanor. Ma Jaacki is the kind of freestyle that leaves your favourite rapper quivering because he ain’t shit.

BiQo – As We Blossom And Wither

‘‘As We Blossom and Wither’’ is a collection of stories about dreams, growing up and this trip called life. It reflects the realities of BiQo –and by extension, many others. On songs like ‘Brick By Brick’, ‘Pot of Beans’, BiQo lays bare his determination to build a better future for himself; and how unpredictable and sometimes, wasteful life could be. (Pot of Bens is a slang that defines the uncertainties of life).

‘To Be A Man’ featuring Worlasi has BiQo reflecting on the wise advice of his father about not’ being average’ in life. On ‘Don’t Cage the Bird’, addresses those who ask him to ‘fly but not too high’. ‘What’s the point of flapping those wings when you can’t touch the sky’’ is his response to such comments. ‘’As We Blossom And Wither’’ is carved in jazz and soul flavor and BiQo’s experimental tendencies float over the EP.

EDWVN- Wormhole Theory

Music producer, EDWVN’s love for experimentation aren’t in doubt-if you have kept a keen eye on his works. In addition to this is his love for minimalistic elements in his music. On ‘Wormhole Theory’, all these elements are demonstrated in full. Built around The Sister’s song ‘Meet The Frownies’ (which was used by Kendrick Lamar on ‘The Recipe), EDWVN loops a static sound (sort of play and stop sound from a cassette player) and airy-almost haunting synths that gives off a space travel effect. Like many of his beats, this journey last for only 1:26 seconds.

Bryte – Mama Dey Party


A couple of months back when a video circulated on twitter of Bryte performing at a show in London, many expressed joy. Now, the rapper has released ‘Too Good For Your Liking’, his 10 track afro EDM album. With its heavy synths, high tempo and aggressive character, the album is a crowd puller, as typified by ‘’Mama Dey Party’’. Produced by Mina- who’s also the DJ who gave Bryte his shot at the London event, ‘’Mama Dey Party’’ is a cross between azonto and kolomashie music from the shores of Ga Mashie. The looped beat, the exuberant energy of the rhythm and the crucial breaks are the selling points of the song and the 32 minutes album in general. The riveting “Too Good For Your Liking” lives up to its title.

Kofi Kunta & Sarkodie – Biibi Ba Challenge

When Sarkodie began the ‘’Biibi Ba Challenge’’- where he invited young rappers to put verses to a beat with his hook, a lot responded. One of them is Kofi Kunta who dropped two verses over the beat. His verses covered his dreams of making it and rising over the many challenges that could blight his ambition. Dotting his mainly pidgin verses with Ewe lyrics, he exhibits passion and a desire of a young rapper who knows the importance of such an opportunity. The only criticism of this is that, the song wasn’t mastered- the frequencies in Kunta’s verses and the original beat is palpable.

King Joey x Copta x Moor Sound – Obsessed


The attractiveness of the trap bounce on ‘Obsessed’ is worth talking about. King Joey goes in with his sing-rap style, similr to what you’d hear on a Travis Scott song. He raps about his obsession with a girl. Copta comes in on the second verse, outlining how a ‘good time lover’ she is, and how he doesn’t ‘slack when she throws it at me’. ‘Obsessed’ is found on ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) that these two, along with music producer Moor Sound have released. The rap styles and experiences of the two rappers is on full exhibition over Moor Sound’s production.

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