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A.I’s “Moving On” Is A Visually Appealing Spectacle.

At the listening session for his debut EP, “Headstrong”, A.I. was asked what plans he has to leverage on his visibility in Ghana and beyond. His response was straight forward: more shows, more videos.

In the spirit of his words, the 2ligit artist has released a video for his song “Moving On”. Found on his debut EP “Headstrong”, the infectious, high-tempo, feel good tune carries an inspiration tone about offsetting all challenges on the road to success.

The video places the frames of his come-up against his current place position of success. Directed by Sire Choppenson, the video concept for “Moving On” is reflected on the early scene, where Chino (A.I’s manager) is seen dealing with a vehicular break down. Interesting, his number plate is ‘Come Up’. A.I is shown sitting outside of his house, with a self-portrait picture in hand motivating himself.

What follows is the story of his success: draped in the high fashion clothes, sleeping in fancy rooms, with ladies at his beck and call and living the dream he had envisaged all along- celebrity lifestyle which is a departure from what his previous life reflected. The neon lights aesthetic towards the end gave it an extra layer of beauty: the celebrity life is absolutely enchanting.

If A.I is going to be dishing out such sharp, visually appealing videos like “Moving On”, then his answer that, videos are one of the mediums to selling himself across borders holds true.

Watch video below

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