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THE CUTS: EP 04 Vol. 2

THE CUTS reviews songs, videos or albums we think deserves your attention. The music covered are not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it would be reviewed here. THE CUTS is available every FRIDAY

Reynolds TheGentleman feat O’Bkay – Skeeyaya

I don’t know what “Skeeyaya” actually means. Whatever its meaning, the slang is fun to say. In the context of this song, it could mean anything: loved, cherished, content, complete. Reynolds TheGentleman’s “Skeeyaya” is an infectious, mid-tempo afropop bop where he makes his affection for his girl known: ‘I’m loving you uncontrollably’.

If all was fair, Reynolds should be bigger than he is now, based off his incredible talent set: a producer, songwriter, arranger, instrumentalist and singer. (He produced some of M.anifest’s recent big records). The production on “Skeeyaya” sparkles in its simplicity, and Reynold’s vocals sounds different and matured. O’Bkay took advantage to show off his rap skills – a laid back delivery that kept faith with the theme. “Skeeyaya” confirms his talents. Check out his incredible debut EP ‘The Magic in the Ordinary‘ released last year.

Tetta – Shut Doors, Shut Love

Falling in love is so easy to do. Falling out is the hardest part to do, most often. And once you successfully do, it becomes a period of stock taking: you question some of the stupid decisions made and the signs you ignored. “Shut Doors, Shut Love” is a recount of how a love affair derailed.

Tetta serenades with her vocal inflections: it’s tempered and squelchy at intervals. She describes her once awful situation with words like: “got me feeling foolish everywhere/go ahead and cheer”. ” Shut Doors, Shut Love” recounts the deeds of a cheating lover and her resolve to not play that love game anymore.

Tetta (aka Green T(ea) began her musical journey in 2006, after joining her community choir and an all girl group in southern Nigeria. In 2012, she took up that guitar and began singing. That guitar licks is present on this R&B tinged ‘Shut Doors, Shut Love’ single.

Nissi- Unconditional ‘Freestyle’

The opening syrup guitar licks might deceive you into thinking this is another acoustic rendition. But, 30 seconds into it, the licks are subdued by a strong bass and snares with the guitar strings tucked beneath. Nissi on ‘Unconditional Freestyle’ is the lady expressively saying: I seek a genuine love and not a fake one. ‘I’m not a fan of the new edition/five years down the line then, its eviction/that ain’t the mission’, she intoned, her voice carousels the trap soul beat.

Her SoundCloud page would offer you a glimpse into the breadth of talent that she possess. On ‘Favourite List’, she cautions her partner not to listen to people over a Carlos Santana ‘Maria Maria’-esque beat. She delves into afropop on ‘Familiar’ and ‘Mama Mia’ and also cover versions of Labrinth’s ”Jealous” and Emelie Sande’s ‘Where I Sleep’ respectively. With her EP scheduled for this month, the sister of Burna Boy isn’t riding on her brother’s fame. Nissi is aspiring to carve her own niche.

King Joey feat Kiddblack – No Laces

“No Laces” follows the same formulaic trap sound: strong trap drums, bouncing beat. King Joey recruits Kiddblack and together rap about their lifestyle and everything in-between over this Moor Sound and Foreign Local production, which also tightens the trap sound with vibrant electro fusions. Kiddblack’s timbre voice and laid back delivery offers the song a certain vibe.”No Laces” belong to the canon of ‘party jams’. The only issue is how popular it’d be since it sounds like every trap song out there.

Adraxx – Break The Ice

‘Break The Ice’ is Adraxx come back song after a three year absence. As the title suggest, this is how he his silence. This sobering hip hop track has Adraxx brooding over a variety of issues – the first verse relays aspect of his life, relationship, family and the antics of some adopt in their quest to blow within the music scene: be like i for post pictures more or come up with some scandal or something to get my views up’. The broad strokes of his musings are very familiar- many rappers have explored that storyline. What makes Adraxx’s “Break The Ice” something worth listening is the whiff of honesty around his lyrics and also, the broody nature of the beat.

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