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New Music: Maayaa Basks In Love In ‘Ride’; Obed Makes Commitments When ‘Sober’


Maayaa feat Worlasi – Ride

Maayaa is a tease, musically speaking. For months, following the release of her soulful love song ‘You’, people have inquired if there’d be more songs from her. Her responses to these queries have been either flippant or nebulous. One, therefore couldn’t establish if she wants a career in music or she belongs to the crop of singers who’d step into the studio and make a record just to escape their state of boredom.

Surprises are always good. They excite the recipients and also leaves the giver with a degree of fulfilment when their ‘gifts’ are appreciated by recipients. That’s exactly what Maaya did with ‘Ride’, her latest single released over the weekend. The song came with a beautiful, scenic visual. Featuring the talented Worlasi, ‘Ride’ is a love song that dwells on assurances, promises and dreams. It has the two protagonists taking turns to vow to each other.

The video for ‘Ride’ is elegantly put together by the director, Akwadaa Nyame. From the panoramic view of the love-birds nestling at the back of a pickup truck, to them waking up to a new day and new love- the dramatization-and all its flirtatious schemes- makes ‘Ride’ makes for an enchanting love tale. The video is cast as a vacation trip for the two.

‘Ride’ is the first single from her debut album ‘Chapter Red’ with no known official release date. The song shows how different vocal tones and deliveries come together into a beautiful renditions as well as what real love should look like. The positive response ‘Ride’ has received should encourage Maayaa to do more-in terms of releasing a follow up. But, again, it’s Maayaa; one can’t be too optimistic since she does what she wants.

Obed- Sober


It is always not the case that words from an inebriated person is the truth. Sometimes, the words are nothing but a cautionary tale. Again, it is always good to be forewarned of an intent so as to prevent oneself from getting hurt by an (in) action. Obed is a believer of the latter school of thought.

On his new single, ‘Sober’, a fusion of sublime synths, trap-soul influence, the producer, singer/songwriter cautions a lover not to take his words serious since ‘I’m not the one for love/tried it before no luck’. For Obed, being in love isn’t something he believes in after his experiences thus his cautionary reminder: ‘don’t miss me if I love you when you know that I’ll tell you different when I’m sober’

Obed’s voice, layered with a tinge of auto-tuned at certain points hands ‘Sober’ its dreamy feel, whereas on other points, it sounds like a labyrinth of voices stacked together, obviously from Seyyoh and Ansah Live who played shot-gun on the track. The choir-like harmonies and the pulsing piano thumbs adds to the moroseness of ‘Sober’, the debut single from the talented artist.

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