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Video: Here’s Edem’s Latest ‘Hurricane’ Video



Edem and Pascal Aka serve a video that incorporates magic realism, colour and good energy that matches theme of song

Rapper, Edem, has released some incredible videos across his almost 10 year rap career. Some of his visuals have been compelling pieces of art as seen in ‘The One’, ‘Over Again Remix’, ‘Egboame’ and ‘Nyedzilo’. These videos have enhanced both his image as an artist with good artistic vision.

‘’Hurricane’’, his latest single and its accompanying video follows the same artistic concepts of Edem. The Coptic produced song is a fusion between hip hop sound-from the chambers of the New York based producer- and rock elements courtesy afro rock band Dark Suburb.

‘’Hurricane’’, like its name, reflects the theme of greatness: how Edem and those featured on the song-and by a stretch many other artists from Ghana and Africa are about to take over the music scene as Jojo Abot, tasked with hook duties and ad-libs, declares on the opening hook: ‘believe it or not, we here to win/Like it or not, we here to stay, look on your blocks, its masquerade/ it’s a hurricane’.

The Pascal Aka directed video features element of magical realism, with fusionist and experimentalist Jojo Abot cast as a speaking orange tree in what appears as a jungle. (The orangey tone adds extra gloss to the video). The video transitions between the jungle scene ‘inhabited’ by fire eating people and a studio set up where Edem and Teephlow take turns to drop some bars about their status within the music industry, knocking out haters and moving ahead with their careers. Teephlow, for instance offers a history lesson on his come up. Dark Suburb also brings along their rock-style energy to bear. The video also sees the likes of Tinny, Gemini, Kula and other artists making cameo appearances.

Although ‘’Hurricane’’ is a video for Edem, Jojo Abot comes out as the star. Her trance-like or horror inspired antics, whether as a talking tree or a black Barbie girl adds a layer of beauty to the video-after all hurricanes are destructive.

The video also receives the ‘Pascal treatment’ especially in the use of light and costuming, specifically the jungle scene and Jojo Abot’s barbie look and outfit, make up and excellent art direction.

‘Hurricane’ released under Coptic’s Brooklyn Bridge Ent. and Edem’s VRMG is the second single from Edem’s forthcoming album, ‘The African Answers’.

Watch video below


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