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THE CUTS: EP 03 Vol. 18

THE CUTS is a short review of songs, videos or albums that we think you need to hear or watch. The music is not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it will be covered here. THE CUTS is available each FRIDAY

Yinka Oshodi feat Remy Baggins – Options

Synth Records artist, Yinka Oshodi continues to prove her talent with each single she releases. If you thought her last single “For You” was an excellent outing, then ‘Options’ would leave you amazed.

“Options” carries a trapsoul vibe, with Yinka threatening to walk from a toxic relationship since she has ‘some options’. Her words are unapologetically straight forward; like a woman who’s fed up. Her opening lyrics put things in perspective: ‘oh you think you bad cos you have that pink lips/ nice skin type/ all the girls be dying for’.

Remy Baggins, who doubles as the producer of ”Options” assuages her fears: the girl she suspect as his side chick is indeed a cousin. He goes on to assure her of his affection; praising her physique and qualities as well.

Yinka’s vocal work is reminiscent of SZA: smokey, sultry and forceful where necessary. ”Options” sounds like a song inspired by SZA and Travis Scott’s ‘Love Galore’. ‘Options’ reminds couples to confront, appreciate and workout whatever strains that a love relationship brings along. And the two artists – Yinka Oshodi and Remy Baggins enforces that on the song.

Mestar Oscar – Duku

Afrobeats/Afropop music has become a global staple. The acceptance has led to some plugging in other variants of the genre. Mestar Oscar, an afro EDM (Electronic Dance Music) act is one of the few people doing that. On his latest single, ‘Duku’, he teams up with EDM producer, Afrolektra to serve a tune that triggers movement of the body.

“Duku” is a love song – he’s requesting a girl to be his lover. The lyrics are easy to sing and the hook is catchy. Afrolektra allows the beat- it carries elements of drums, kologo guitar riffs, xylophone rhythms- to play on for most part, similar to what an EDM tune must sound. “Duku’s grooviness is what makes it a force.

Kwame Yesu – Matter


Kwame Yesu wants to be free. He has had enough from people who like poking their nose in his affairs- dictating his ways and criticizing him if he dismisses their views. These concerns are what he sums up on ‘Matter’, a druggy sounding, mid-tempo tune.

Kwame Yesu switches between English, pidgin, twi in his lyrics and sing-rap style in his delivery. Criticisms, if fair is very welcomed. But, if its delivered with bad faith, then it must be overlooked. And that’s what Kwame Yesu is muttering on ‘Matter”. After all, he has a dream: ‘to make my mama proud’, he discloses.

DredW feat AYAT, Magnom, Slim Drumz, CJ Biggerman – Abu Dhabi

Mention Abu Dhabi- the capital of the United Arab Emirates- and oil money comes to mind. That is what producer, DredW’s new single, “Abu Dhabi”- a metaphor for a rich lifestyle is. The beat is very trappy and the featured artists take turns to talk about their rich dreams. DredW is good with the features since their music styles are influenced by trap. CJ Biggerman delivers a standout verse on “Abu Dhabi”.

Raph Enzee – London Town (Cover)

”London Town” was an instant banger upon release by Mr. Eazi. The beat is speaker shattering and Giggs, the big voiced, London Grime act added his flavour to the song, giving it an irresistible aura.

Rapper Raph Enzee has jumped on the song, dropping a verse that has him boasting about his skills, depth of his pockets, sending out warnings to competitors. Adding a verse to the song is a strategic move considering how successful the record has been so far.

Rashaann – Pray For This

Rashaaan, a 22 year old hip hop artist from New York and currently based in Atlanta, is entreating rappers to stick to what inspired them to become rappers. Touching on the issue on “Pray For This”, he ask rappers to be grateful for their fans and ‘shake their hands’; stop demeaning their mums and women, and stay real in their lyrics.

‘Pray For This’ is a single from his recently released “No Previews” available on all streaming platforms.

VRSD feat LammyKate – Babies

In a world where exhibiting signs of vulnerability is misconstrued as weakness, ‘Babies’, a song by Nigerian act VRSD is timely. He encourages us to bask in our vulnerability and cry when necessary. Possessing a style that sits between rap/spoken word, “Babies”, produced by Sir Bastein, has a lo-fi hip hop character. LammyKate’s soulful hook advises against wearing ‘fake smiles’ and ‘crying sometimes’.

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