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Video: Worlasi Replaces Jackie Chan as the New Drunken Master in “BoozeHigh” Video


How far and hard are you willing to go to accomplish a dream? For, Worlasi he will go the full hog; even if he needs to risk his own life to realize his ambitions. This statement is evidently showcased in his new video for ‘’’’.

The POKA produced animation shows the afro-fusionist singer/rapper, Worlasi taking down every obstacle on his way to his greatness. The video cast him as a sword wielding, black samurai, who had to, literally cut to size a band of men, a giant and a floating shaolin monk on his way to a castle that held a secret treasure: a golden microphone.


The three-minutes-and-twenty-one second video begins with a red bandana wearing Worlasi looking sternly at something menacing ahead of him. Behind him is a guitar wielding, fedora wearing man reclined at the foot of a tree (Juls). With strong winds blowing and danger ahead of him, Worlasi takes a sip from a small gourd strapped to his waist. This scene is indicative of the 1978 Hong Kong martial art comedy movie, ‘’Drunken Master’’ starring Jackie Chan.


A band of warriors confront Worlasi, who dismembers them with a swing of his sword. His next obstacle is a huge monstrous looking giant. And like the storied David and Goliath scene makes a meal out of him by first chopping off his arm, before he decapitated him.  His final victim is a levitating kungfu master, guarding the gates of a treasured castle. Worlasi’s initial attack on his adversary results in the breaking of his sword. A dazed Worlasi is picked up by the guitar playing man (who happens to be song producer Juls). The kung fu master is finally defeated by the deafening sounds from Juls’ kologo (traditional guitar).


With the golden mic in his hand, a triumphant Worlasi is confronted by a fourth adversary: a female Ninja. With no sword in hand and an attack on him, what would a smitten Worlasi do?

What POKA and Worlasi have done is to demonstrate how self-belief and zeal could fire one towards success. But, a bit of help from others is always an extra motivation. Telling the story through Chinese martial arts adds a layer of entertainment to the whole vibe surrounding the song ‘’BoozeHigh’’

Watch video below

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