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The Real Heat: Top 12 Ghanaian Rap Remixes

Remixes, as far as hiplife (rap) is concerned, are not commonly done. One cannot really point to any reason(s) why (especially with the current state in our music scene, where contact between artistes is very cordial and reaching out to one another is easy) remixes should not be a common thing.

Unfortunately, unlike the norm in the States, where a hit song garners a lot of remixes from mainstream right down to underground artistes, (take Drake’s Hotline Bling as an example) the number of hiplife or rap remixes in Ghana can easily be counted at one’s fingertips. This notwithstanding, the few successful remixes released have grown to become, in some cases, bigger than the original songs themselves.

In this post, we list some of the biggest remixes that have remained with us years after their releases. The ranking was based on the impact of the song from the time the remix surfaced to present day; how it still get people getting bouts of fits born out of excitement when the song booms out of the speakers.

Note: All criticism and disagreements are welcomed.

Below are our Top 10 Ghanaian Rap Remixes.

12. 4×4 feat fresh Prince, Asem, Caroline, Castro, 5Five, Tinny – Hot Girls (Dot Com) Rmx

At the height of Crunk music, around the mid-200s, 4×4 became the first group to experiment with the sound. The success of the original tune which featured fresh Prince called for a posse cut remix for the song. With Richie as producer, the remix courted the necessary attention it deserved.

11. Asaase Aban feat Sarkodie, Five5, Bradez – DABENDA

Objectively, not much was heard of the original song. The remix however, dominated both radio and television. The remix was an opportune time for both Sarkodie and Flowking Stone to prove to Ghanaians how good they were and to end the long debate on who was the better. You decide.

10. Kwaw Kesse feat 2Toff – Nayatale

Nayatale, originally produced by KSN helped elevate the profile of Kwaw Kesse. With its big infectious beats, Kwaw Kesse didn’t disappoint as he gave radio presenters and club djs something to play all day. The remix featuring 2Toff America, I assume was a gesture Kwaw extended to his friends. The only Na Ya Tale we acknowledge is the original. Just saying. (Couldn’t find the audio for the remix. Enjoy the original)

9. Praye feat Wutah, Samini, Tinny, 4×4 – Jacket

One cannot say why a remix to this song was made judging how good the original was. No video was shot for the original song but a video for the remix exists. Not much was known of the remix till the video dominated television. It featured some of the huge stars in GH music around that era.

8.Dee Money feat J.Town, Sarkodie, Ice Prince, M.anifest, Paedae, Reminisce – Finish Line Rmx

Dee Money brought together his Ghanaian rapper friends and Nigerian friends for the remix of ‘Finish Line’. With J.Town serving a memory hook about hardwork and rewards, it was Paedae who showed his skills on this tune, bodying every other rapper on this song. Still a jam

7. Kokoveli feat Samini & KK Fosu

The only song we remember Kokoveli for is Zaaza. The song, released in 2002, got Kokoveli national attention. Zaaza and the dance that came with it-as described by Samini in the remix- was inspired by Kokoveli’s Kwabotwe (Mfantsipim School) mate, Zaaza who was a footballer. That dance was his trademark celebration after scoring a goal. The remix featuring his Trinity pals (K.K. Fosu and Samini) ensured that Kokoveli and his Zaaza dance lasted a bit longer on the musical shelves than his own career.

6. Kwesi Arthur feat Sarkodie & Medikal AMG – Grind Day Rmx

The original song was a certified banger on arrival. Crowds go mad anytime Kwesi Arthur performs it. The trap/rock beat courtesy the producer, Kayso is very alluring and Kwesi Arthur didn’t joke on it. For the remix, Sarkodie and Medikal hopped on to give the already banging song some celeb endorsement.

5. Tinny ft Asem, Richie, Okyeame Kwame – RINGTONE

Tinny’s ‘Ringtone’ had many remixes. The one which stood out and received much airplay was the remix produced by Richie featuring Asem, himself (Richie) and Okyeame Kwame. Artistes featured really held their fort but Okyeame Kwame’s verse till date remains one of the best delivered.

4. ASEM feat Richie, Tinny, Andy Dosty, Bradez – Give Me Blow

‘Give Me Blow’ announced ASEM to Ghanaians. The song, thanks to Richie Mensah, formally introduced the “Crunk” beats into our music. It was the first ‘underground’ song to transcend into mainstream radio despite some of its overly suggestive lyrics. Despite the huge success of the song, a remix was still released. The outcome: a completely impressionable music. All featured artistes brought their A-game but the crown definitely will rest with the Bradez whose delivery remains one of the best technically and complex verses ever heard.

3. Obrafour ft Tinny – Oye Ohene Rmx

The original song saw Obrafour as usual displaying supreme lyricism. Surprisingly, the song didn’t make the anticipated impression, at least from a Management point of view. The song took a life of its own when Hammer introduced the talented Tinny and some complicated yet ear soothing kicks and snares on the beats for the remix. The rest was history. The opening horns and the line ‘Obaa W)’ (you’ll sleep) will definitely not be lost on us.

2. Sarkodie ft Castro – Adonai

The original song featured SK Blinks and was on Sarkodie’s third studio album, ‘Sarkology’. The drafting of Castro on the remix changed the song’s fortunes. One could not hide from the song as it was everywhere-from radio to pubs, clubs to churches; where the chorus was used in praise sessions. Adonai is undoubtedly one of the biggest songs in the career of Sarkodie. Fans would simply not forgive Sarkodie when he mounts any stage without performing this song.

1. Okyeame Kwame feat Richie – Woso RMX

People will be surprised to learn that ‘Woso’, one of the smash hits from Okyeame Kwame’s repertoire, produced by Lynx Entertainment’s Richie, was actually the remix to the song. The original song, produced by Jay Q did not gather much airplay until the song was re-done with Richie, who added a voice and his signature ‘Crunk’ feel to it. ‘Woso’ went on to win Okyeame Kwame four (4) awards including the top award for the night-Artiste of the Year Award at the 2009 Ghana Music Awards.

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