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THE CUTS is a weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention or think you must hear. The music featured here aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY

AYAT: Di Asa


The release date for this song had to be re-scheduled by a few days due to other distractions. Ayat is a man who wants the moment to himself. And the video for ‘Di Asa’ is finally here. It’s obvious the song has been resting in his vault judging from the video. On the song, Ayat is serving a reminder on why you need not quit or give up. ‘I need love/ I need joy/ I need friends/y’all need money/ don’t retire’.

The video was shot somewhere last year during the famous Chalewote festival. Ayat is seen ‘touring’ the famed township of Jamestown; hobnobbing with his crew and locals. It’s a simple and fun video as some of the scenes portrayed. The famous landmarks of Jamestown are present-the Light House, Ussher Fort Prison and the beach. Seeing those graffiti works, paintings, processions and vintage fashion styles kicks in the expectations for this year’s Chalewote event.

Cina Soul x Pheelz -12:01 (ADM remix)

The original song warmed the heart of many. And the excitement was apparent when Cina Soul announced an ADM (African Dance Music) remix to ’00:01′. The remix come in a full package: a new feel, a new video and a slight tweak to the title. This remix is the first song to be released by Cina Soul after her Universal Music deal.

Producer Pheelz transforms this ballad into a danceable song thanks to the energy behind the drums. The video is super appealing- the lighting, costumes are amazing. Cina Soul looks gorgeous and flawless .

The excellently choreographed dance interpretation of the song- the lows and highs of a love relationship, ending in happiness- is well demonstrated. The Kla Manye is definitely on a good swing.

B4bonah ft M.anifest – Devil Is A Liar

‘Over here bad spirit dey work/ but, I never let bad spirit to scare me’, he repeats the first part of this hook before the capping lines ‘guy focus cos ohia y3 shegey’.

B4Bonah’s tone on this hook is both preachy and reprimanding; urging all to ignore the short-circuit approach to life and endure the long route towards success, as these lyrics express: ‘Mallam go take over your car keys/… Mallam go fi squander your school fees’. The lyrics point out the deception in seeking help from spiritualists to advance ones final goals. The original version of the song courted a good traction.

And when news made rounds that rapper M.anifest was going to be on a remix, many were expectant. M.dot tightened the girdle of the song’s subject, firming it with a verse that has a line like ‘we love superstition as much as we love our religion/ go holla mallam make e colla your dollar/ ways and means no dey make your dream taller’. Obviously, this WebieJustDidIt produced song may receive good responses. For sure B4Bonah has a crowd chanting hook to his name. But, that sax section on the song? Perfect.

bigBen feat Teephlow and Edem – Bullion


A roof raiser is what bigBen is serving on “Bullion”, a trap soaked tune that could instantly get you in the mood to go crazy. It’s a celebration of life and heights attained by him, career-wise. Interesting how bigBen arranged the turns on the song.

Instead coming in at the beginning or after the first rap verse, he chose to deliver his verse last. TeePhlow came in with the first verse, exhibiting his stellar wordplay and punchlines whiles hinting at how he made it. Edem began in a sing-rap style, switching it up to full rap in both English and his trademark Ewe lingua. This is an achievers anthem.

Al the Native feat Dizraeli and M.anifest – Light of Day

British rapper/poet Al the Native (aka Jordan Stephen) shares his latest video featuring fellow rappers Dizreali and M.anifest.

“Light of Day”, a song about staying positive, self-belief and love basks in lo-fi hiphop sentiments with the three rappers taking turns to express thoughts from both personal and observational experiences. Like the title of song, the video is full of lights- those Chinese houses, children playground- is so cool. And M.anifest’s verse…cold. Stephens splits his time between Al the native and ‘Wildhood’.

Wayo feat Joey B – Muscatella

The Caribbean tinged single that has garnered a lot of airplay since its release some weeks ago, now has a video. The Lex McCarthy directed video has Wayo playing the role of a trotro mate and Joey B, a passenger. In his dreamy state, Joey B, along with Wayo find themselves in a cozy forest ‘where they find beautiful girls who lead them into a floral paradise’. The scenery is beautiful and the overall video look colourful, lush and brings out sights of the city of Accra.

Gyidi –Nothing New

He may not possess the best singing voice. His attempt to sing is brave albeit his raspy voice could have been ‘trimmed’ to sound better. Off his new EP titled “Believe”, Gyidi details his experiences- both highs and lows- on 5 songs.

On ‘Nothing New’, the acoustic composition has Gyidi touching on subject humility, circumspection and education in this life since ‘there’s nothing new under the sun/man dey before them born you’. Gyidi is simply telling all to learn how to walk before you run. The guitar licks added a shade of sombreness to the song, likewise the piano and flute sounds.

‘’Believe’’ is filled with songs about his life and music journey and an assurance to all that it is possible to achieve ones dreams. The opening song ‘Hands Up’ has him praising God for his mercies. On the trappy ‘I No Get Time’, he chooses hard work over laziness in his quest to make it. ‘Sound of Music’ is an ode to his chosen career. The dancehall leaning ‘Fire’ is about staying motivated. Judging by his delivery, I wonder how good he’d sound if he decides to do dancehall music.

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