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New Music: Listen To ‘Fireside’ By Bryan The Mensah, And Yaw Nnamdi’s Soulful ‘The Way You Are’

Bryan The Mensah – Fireside

The latest single from Bryan The Mensah is a trip down memory lane; a reminiscing exercise about some of the events that marked his childhood and the inherent lessons in them.
The trap heavy Fireside transport us back to his days in Class 3 (3rd Grade) where he lied to a colleague about owning a Ferrari just to look cool. ‘I told some guy say I get gold Ferrari parked in the underground parking lot in my house’. And when asked to bring it to school, his reply was simple: ‘I told him I ain’t got my license yet’.

Switching between different rap cadences, Bryan The Mensah notes the imperfections of people (Everybody has a deficit) and the importance of cultivating good relationship at the end of the song: ‘If you get somebody you just for force and stay committed/ Life is a midget/ Really short…’

Voted Apple Music’s ‘New Favorite Artists’ in 2017, Bryan The Mensah courted a lot of attention among music fans off his album, ‘Friends With The Sun’, where he detailed his fears, desires and supreme lyricism.

With ‘Fireside’- titled taken from ‘By The Fireside’, the story-telling kids programme of the mid to late 90s- Bryan assumes the role of the story teller, with listeners as the audience. The song is released to promote his ‘Me Wo Twa, Wallabow You’ (I’m Beautiful. What About You) line of merch.

Yaw Nnamdi – The Way You Are

Whereas the opening horns cast a soulful feel over the song, the slow tempoed afro pop beat adds to the overall soothness of Yaw Nnamdi’s latest single ‘The Way You Are’

A love song in which he assures his lover of his undying love, this melodic and catchy hooked song has YN (as he’s called) doing the most simplest of things; lyrically. With a voice that’s calm as the beat over which the float, YN delivers his words with ease and a tone of honest.

Born to both Nigerian and Ghanaian parents, YN the Afropikin’s musical journey began professionally in 2017, even though he has nurtured that interest since young. With Fela Kuti and his son Femi serving as inspiration, the young singer cum physiotherapist blends pidgin, Twi and Yoruba in the song’s he makes like ‘The Way You Are’

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