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Throwback: Tommy Wiredu – Wo Do Mu Y3 Du


First things first, RIP to Tommy Wiredu, one of the most beautiful voices that graced the Ghanaian music scene in the late 90s till his untimely his death-through suicide on April 7th 2003.

The circumstances surrounding his death wasn’t readily confirmed-albeit speculations suggested he was driven to his untimely death by debt. Tommy Wiredu had before his death become a household name on the contemporary music scene for his soft voice and his openness to new musical influences, mostly R&B cum hip-hop productions.

One of his incredible songs was ‘Wo Do Mu Y3 Du’ (Your Love is Real). The song was produced by Zapp Mallet. Tommy Wiredu drafted Okyeame Akoto and rapper, Freddy B for this tune. The song carried a Teddy Riley new jack swing quality (Zapp Mallet modeled most of his productions on Teddy Riley’s productions) with Tommy Wiredu, in his signature emo-tinged voice confessing his love for a lady. He admitted to being a casanova in his previous life; giving it up upon realizing its vanity.

He finally met the ‘one’, for whom he shall be a good husband to as the chorus indicated: Afe na me hyia me do a/ Wo do mu y3 dur o/Menso me y3 ne de3 e/ Na menso me do mu y3 dur. (I’ve finally met the love of my love/ Her love is real/I’m forever hers/’Cos my love is for real).

The Video:

Tommy Wiredu recruited Terry Bright (DART) to direct the video. Like any other DART video, his signature video features – choreography, colourful background (cringed at the colour combinations watching it again) and low budget look- were present. The video followed the story of a man who lost his girlfriend to another rich guy.

Like the era it was shot, the video showcased Tommy Wiredu and his friends in both their corporate and street guy look as was the case with many R&B/hiphop videos from the US. Also present were the baggy jeans and durag culture.

Tommy Wiredu broke into the music scene in 1999 following the release of his debut gospel/inspirational hit, ”Enso Nyame Y3” . He released three studio albums  Enso Nyame Y3′ (It’s Not beyond God) ”Fa Odo Bo Odo Mu” and ”Susubribri”.

The highlife crooner left us some fifteen years ago but as the Akan adage goes: the body of a man rots after death, but not his tongue. His memory is forever preserved in the tons of music he left behind.

RIP Tommy Wiredu.

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