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Watch M.anifest’s Artistic Dance Interpretation of ‘Simple Love’ (A Short Film)


M.anifest has always been stylistic with his artistic creations. From his music to visual representation of songs, the rapper has found a way to showcase his art (videos) in different forms. His recently released short film ‘Simple Love’ attest to this observation.

‘Simple Love’ is a spectacular dance interpretation of the song. It follows the brilliant display of a female ballerina in search of love in a sea of people.

The video director, Makera Thekasi’s decision to film at the bustling Tema landing beach and capturing the excellently choreographed ballet dance in slow motion has the viewer following every inch of the dancer’s movement.


A poignant scene in the video begins at the 3:23 second mark, where she finally finds her lover (or so she thought). After a moment of flirtation, and scrutiny, she gestures to him (played by M.anifest) to follow her lead, something he staunchly refuse.


Heartbroken, she ‘runs’, and ‘screams’ out her disappointment or pain, expressed through her stooping posture, hands and head to the sky and general body language. Her search for simple love has proven futile.


Another interesting moment in the film was towards the end when a TMT (The Money Team) inscribed sandal is captured. I can’t tell if that shot was accidentally captured or it was scripted.

Whatever the case may be, the TMT sandals does contrast with a line in the song’s chorus: I want a Simple Love/Money cannot buy‘. Well, love is expensive and purchasable.

Watch video below

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