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THE CUTS: EP 03 Vol. 4

THE CUTS is a weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention or think you must hear. The music featured here aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY

Kiddblack – About You


‘About You’ has the potential to kick Kiddblack from semi- obscurity to the limelight. This love song is couched to emit rhythmic pleasure and thrill. Kiddblack ask his girl if she’d stick with him through his journey to stardom. Produced by Kuvie, ‘About You’ opens with a slapping kick and bass, something similar to what’s heard on Busta Rhyme’s ‘Dangerous’. Kuvie neatly tucks in a series of african elements only Kuvie could create, on a track that opens with both the minor and major piano keys surrounding it. Kiddblack’s booming and textured voice especially when singing the hook is perfect. The deadlock wearing, black kid has the vibes by his side.


Ty Bello – Dance For You


“I’ll dance no matter what this life is playing/ I’ll dance to the rhythm of your grace’’. Ty Bello’s declares on “Dance For You”, a gospel song that exalt God, the pillar in her life. The song is recorded live and boast heavy keyboard and massive kicks which beam with glorious excitement. Her voice (with its lisp) carries a reverb effect, and emotions dripping through the song, adding to the sensation the live recording offer. Ty’s voice range isn’t in the same category as some of the best singers in the world but, she can hit them with less difficulty. This is how Ty Bello narrate the making of her 2014 album, ‘‘The Morning Song Book”: In 2009 I begun this amazing season where I would write music to God as my morning devotion. It was a unique time of discovery and I I felt it was a unique way to give of myself…Open and sincere…It wasn’t long that I realized that I was receiving way more than I was giving. Every beautiful exchange with God always leaves us with more. I was also humbled when I got this heartfelt assurance that he thought the songs were perfect. Perfect?? If you’ve ever written music you would know that ‘perfect ‘is the one that simply evades …Well…it’s taken a number of years to make… Here it is. My gift to God… His to me.



Kwame Yesu – Real Rap II


Kwame Yesu is the latest artist to pay homage to afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti, on his song Real Rap II produced by YungFly. (The beat is from Yung Fly’s re-work of some Fela songs released last year to celebrate “Felaberation”). The trap sounding song has chops of Fela’s “Zombie” and references of some of his classic songs. Kwame Yesu talks about the state of music industry – how bloggers, fake friends, radio dampen the efforts of young artists- ad the hypocritical tendencies of these same individuals when you make it. He incorporates parts of a Fela interview about music and role of the artist in society to help drum his point home. Kwame Yesu has the talent to make him one of the best from this part of the world.


Pambour feat Kwesi Arthur – RARE

‘Odo kakra/ Sika kakra/ So, why you dey love me too much?’, a question Pambour seeks an answer to on ‘Rare’. A love centred song about a girl who holds her man down on all fronts including financially- she gives him money to pay the waiter when on a date. Pambour is an artist from the GroundUp Chale camp. His label mate Kwesi Arthur makes an appearance on the song, delivering a simple yet flawless hook. Over a moody trap beat with a touch of soulfulness –courtesy the horns and guitar licks and violin strings bubbling beneath, the two perform in both Twi and pidgin made sure, this Jay Fyn beat wasn’t wasted.


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