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Throwback: Noble and Sandra – ”Ayalolo”


You can’t run
The time is now, do what you can don’t you know
Look at us now, our ancestors have seen Canaan
But we are just seeing things in this world”

The above lyrics is part of the opening lyrics to “Ayalolo”, a song performed by Noble and soul singer Sandra Huson. The lyrics portray a song about patriotism and the need for us, as a country, to take responsibility to better our lot.

Noble and Sandra Huson recorded this song somewhere around 2010/11. The Jayso produced song can be classified under ‘criminally underrated song’ category.

Noble Nii Nortey was part of Black N Peach, consisting of Noella Wiyaala and Emma Orleans- Lindsay, the 2012 winners of the of ”Vodafone Icons Mixed Edition”. But, this song was released prior to him joining the ranks of the music reality show.

Sandra Huson, on the other hand belongs to the Skillions camp and has built a reputation over the years as a soul/blues singer. In 2010/11, she was a young voice occasionally making appearances on songs by her fellow label mate.

“Ayalolo” was the first collaborative efforts publicly released between Noble and Sandra . The song carried a soulful tone and began with a series of keyboard notes and mellow bass line pierced by a sucked out horn throughout the song before the kick and bass dropped. The horn seems to be the foundation around which the soundscape was built.

The contrasting vocal expressions and language of choice also added a ton of flavour to the already engrossing song. Nobel, with his timbering voice sang mostly in Ga, bringing to the fore thought provoking messages. Noble had a voice belonging to an older male. Sandra’s vocals exuded a charming warmth that balanced the heaviness that Noble’s delivery had kicked up. Their vocal display on the interlude and chorus emitted chemistry and blatant passion.

Noble’s lyrics reminded us of our history and the legacy left behind for us by our ancestors and Kwame Nkrumah to build on; something we are failing to do.

Why, why, why have we relaxed ourselves for poverty to cause us death
Nkrumah come and see what you have left
Your children are crying and calling unto you
Don’t relax on this earth because you have got the power
Heaven we going, Heaven we going, we going higher
At your field of work and your doings let’s see the fire
If this country will succeed it depends on you, your desire
What are you waiting for? The journey is long? We still going

Sandra, on the second verse urged us to stay focused, believe in ourselves and put our collective strength together and build a better future.

‘’So, c’mon now, let make it work

Cos we all want to be the first

Take my hand and show the world, we do survive the worse’’

 “Ayalolo’’ isn’t a political song albeit the theme of building a better country or place is largely considered a political issue. Inherent in the song, however, is the fact that, we can all help in building a better future for us and the next generations by playing our part with excellence.

Many years after its release, “Ayalolo” still sounds fresh and relevant, like old wine as the cliché goes. The vocal deliveries are still lush, the theme very relevant and the production is exceptionally amazing. (Of course it’s a Jayso produced track). The decision to sing in both Ga and English was meant to have a broader reach. Unfortunately, the song didn’t attain that traction. But, one thing is always clear: a great song would remain a great song, notwithstanding the number of ears that hear it.

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