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Kobi Onyame and Wanlov Share Inspiration in “Still We Rise” Video

Self-belief. Chasing dreams despite the challenges on your path is the theme of ‘Still We Rise’, a song by UK-based Ghanaian rapper, Kobi Onyame and Wanlov (The Kubolor).

“Still We Rise” has the two gifted rappers spread doses of positivism about life and success (chasing one’s dreams) as expressed these lyrics: ‘keep fighting on/ We’re upward bound/ seeing the sky as lower ground’ and “you for dey feed your passion/Fuel your desire/ No fright flight or fear of height/Go higher” delivered by Kobi Onyame and Wanlov respectively.

The song’s 90s hip hop beat and airy horn section along with the cadences in their respective flows render “Still We Rise” a bop.

The video for the song is shot by 6Miludo (a subsidiary of Skillions Records) and directed by both artists. Employing both long, short and panoramic shots, the green environs of the Aburi Mountains (location for video) were captured. The video is engrossing in it’s simplicity.

“Still We Rise” is found on Kobi Onyame’s critically hailed album, “Gold”, released last year. The album was voted the Best Album at the 2017 Infinitime Music Awards held in London. “Gold” is heavily steeped in Ghanaian highlife grooves and traditional afrobeat rhythms; a homage by the rapper to his Ghanaian and African roots.

Kobi Onyame belong to the class of Ghanaian rappers of the early 2000s, who began what later came to be labeled as ‘GH Rap’. As the founder of the Haatsville Project, Kobi Onyame, formerly known as Jay P, along with the Skillionaires inspired a wave of young kids to become rappers.

Watch the video for ”Still We Rise’

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