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Watch: Sarkodie’s ‘Light It Up’ Video

The latest video for Sarkodie’s “Light It Up” employs a couple of styles to deliver the theme of the song. From fire performances, multiple imaging, use of waves for scene transition to colour and lightening grading, “Light It Up” seems to be the simplest video by Sarkodie, considering the couple of videos off his album, “Highest”.

The opening scene of the video has a light skin dancer holding batons of fire. She performs a series of antics like fire juggling, fire breathing and body burning (As the name of the song indicate, fire is a running theme in the video). There are scene of newspaper clips, tornadoes ripped buildings and images of animals (lions).

Shot predominantly in black and white, both Jayso, Sarkodie and Big Narstie (clad in all black outfits), take turns to lay bare their credentials as top rappers.

Directed by Diego Visionz and Chalky., the video appears to have been shot at the sidelines of Sarkodie’s “The Highest” tour in the UK last year. Sarkodie’s signee, Strongman makes a cameo.

Following the release of his album last year, Sarkodie revealed he was releasing 10 videos for 10 songs from the “Highest”. Light It Up’’ is the 9th video to be released thus far (if you include Pain Killer).

Watch video

photos from Sarkodie’s twitter page

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