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Watch: Burna Boy And Lily Allen’s ”Heaven’s Gate” Video

Nigerian artist Burna Boy is not letting his personal issues cloud his artistic aspirations. His new video, “Heaven’s Gate” featuring British pop act, Lily Allen, is one to love.

Carrying homemade video aesthetics, “Heaven’s Gate” shows Burna Boy on a kitchen counter singing, whiles his ‘’mom” cooks and dances. Again, we see him in a living room surrounded by “members of his family” playing video games and the barber shop. There are outdoor scenes as well, including those of Lily Allen (looking all poshy), Burna Boy indulging in push ups and hallway meet ups.

“Heaven’s Gate” is a pulsating track- fast paced, heavy thumping drums, which is a departure from the mid-tempo songs associated with Burna Boy. His heavy, patois filled vocals is complimented by Lily Allen’s uniquely shrill voice, serving a good balance. On the track hook, Burna Boy sings about distrusting people especially the ‘snakes’, hence knocking on heavens gate for protection.

Burna Boy is one of the few Nigerian artists who has carved a path on which he alone walks. Highly regarded as an incredible artist (Eff The DJ @effTheDJ has been loud about his talent), Burna seem not to have received the necessary recognition. However, that hasn’t stopped him from delivering some amazing records.

Signed to Spaceship Entertainment and Atlantic Records, “Heaven’s Gate” is the 4th single from his upcoming album “Outside”, set for release on January 26th. If there’s any song that would plunge Burna Boy into orbit of global recognition, “Heaven’s Gate” should be that song.

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