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THE CUTS is a weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention or think you must hear. The music featured here aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY

COREY feat Yung Mesa – In My Mind

Think Kanye West and 808s & Heartbreak album: the heavily auto tuned vocals and and the fuison of hiphop and electro sounds in particular. On this song, Corey and Yung Mesa add layers of grimness to the sonic landscape. Corey contemplates life; this time it’s his thoughts speaking to him, the person. The inspiration, according to him ‘was mostly in my head. No one ever listen when you talk so gotta let the thoughts out somewhere’. The stirring bass guitar on which the beat rest is incredible.


Oshomah Native. – The Village

Soulful rap music is no more a thing considering the influence of trap music. Oshomah Native taps into this good old soulful influence, expressing views on the gift of life- loneliness, purpose, dreams. Armed with a good use of words as revealed by this line: ‘’I’m here prescribing words for your aids’, Oshomah Native sounds very comfortable; sharing his words with a laid back candour on ”The Village”.

RSVLT PAM – Cyattie

Slow and shadowy beats with a touch of tropical sonic appeal have for a period dominated the music scene, thanks to Drake (globally speaking) and DJ Juls and Mr. Eazi (within Africa) in recent times. Nigerian singer/rapper RSVLT Pam goes on this tandem on his love themed single CYATTIE, which he dedicates to his BFF who has been getting raw deals from both family and friends. This aside, the song is a reminder to other girls getting raw deals despite their kindness that, there’s someone out there who loves them.


Gyidi – Fire

“I feel that fire/ burning through my soul”, Gyidi declares on his trap fuelled, dancehall clad single. The song has Gyidi chasing success by way of hardwork and prayers, declaring himself non- pushable by those who wish to topple him. Despite this claim, Gyidi wishes everyone success but reminds them it takes more than just talking about it. One has to work hard.

Cypaq – Feel

Few minutes into “Feel”, you realize how much Bryson Tiller’s trap soul influence washes over the song; something its creator, Cypaq describes as deliberate. Like its name, it’s his musings over love: he’s in a hurry to find love yet his mum’s advising not to trip. Cypaq’s voice and words are sometimes lost in the beat. Interestingly, his backing vocalist sounds more audible.

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