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NXWRTH Soaks Pain Over Orbital Vibes on ”MAMA”


It is quiet hard to recall any young producer tipped for stellar achievements in the not far distant future like Nxwrth. Over a short period of time, the 21 year old producer and member of Collective, LaMeme Gang has played a significant role in shaping the sound of the group.

On Monday, Nxwrth put out his first single of the year ‘’Mama’’; a song dedicated to ‘anyone going through any form of depression whatsoever. ‘’Mama” is the cry out for better days’, the press release accompanying the announcement of the song indicate.

Written by RJZ, the depressive tone of the record is earlier illustrated on its hook: ‘Look what happened to your son/oh mama, they took my smile/but imam hang in for a while/Till I find them’’. RJZ is featured along with Darkovibes (members of LaMeme Gang and frequent collaborators) on the song.

Over a 6 minute, 11 seconds stretch, the 13 lined stanza ‘Mama’ reveals the unmistakable signature of Nxwrth. The song is both experimental and minimalistic; with hard finger snaps and strip down synths. The production feels like Flying Lotus meet Kanye’s Yeezus: an (un)expected interstellar journey. Around the 3 minutes mark, the beat dips, picking up momentum in its second run.

RJZ’s robotically constructed and hymn-like singing is submerged in the spellbinding sound over which his voice is supposed to hover, revealing in the process, the richness of the Nxwth’s productions and the ring of emotiveness the song evokes. Unlike other producers, Nxwrth usually contribute a verse to his songs (or those he often produces) by way of those long beat that runs, either after the last verse of a song or in-between verses on songs. (Shouts to Kobby Ankomah-Graham for that education).

In Nxwrth’s world, a song as depressing or emotive like ‘’Mama’’-a painful outpouring of love- could be mistaken for a ‘feel good’ track as exemplified by his other works like ‘’Cupid’’, where the enthralling production steals away from the listener, those suicidal contemplations of Darkovibes. .

Nxwth’s aspirations are clearly defined in his mind: to be the ‘greatest record producer of my generation’. His pinned tweet boldly reveals.

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