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Music Videos To Watch From Pappy Kojo, Zed Ay Kay and Official Kwame

Pappy Kojo feat Cool Joe & Medikal – Fuoco

“Fuoco” translates from Latin (and Italian) as ‘Fire’, and judging from this new single, it’s clear Pappy Kojo is fanning a huge ball of fire. Tapping into his hiphop roots- like he did on his breakthrough song ‘Realer’- ‘Fuoco’, produced by Luviuz and featuring Cool Joe and Medikal, carries a menacing hiphop beat; with each rapper taking turn to boast about their worth. (Cool Joe raps about his gifts; Pappy Kojo talks about his established credentials; and Medikal hit at his critics). Clearly, Pappy Kojo, who has become a hip-pop act in recent times, has traced his steps back to what many first loved him for: a hiphop rapper. The Prince Dovlo directed video for ”Fuoco”, surprisingly punched below the hype it received. Why does Pappy sound like a featured artist on his own songs with these short verses?

ZedAyKay feat Fokn Bois – We No Know

There’s a lot wrong with the music industry, especially for young artists like ZedAyKay; a gifted rapper whose talent isn’t enough to earn him mainstream popularity. In his quest to get answers for what could account for his ‘predicament’, he turns to the FOKN Bois on new single, ”We No Know’. The FOKN Bois (Wanlov and M3nsa) are acclaimed as non-conformist to what’s regarded as standardized rules for mainstream success. In a ‘Ask-A-Big-Bro’ format, he shares his concerns including the promotion of ‘slow beat’ driven songs, payola and the media’s continuous disregard of ‘off-field’ artists like King Ayisoba despite the waves they are making outside Ghana. The FOKN Bois (Wanlov & M3nsa) respond to his concerns; advising him to stay true to the art form. ‘You be musician of the heart or musician of the pocket?’, Wanlov quizzes. For M3nsa, the lack of recognition for artists like ZedAyKay is one reason accounting for the death of artistic integrity.

Watch the Wanlov Kubolor Cini video for We No know below. Note the body language of Wanlov when singing the hook.

Official Kwame ft Sho Madjozi – 5 Fingers

How much of a hit “5 Fingers” would be, I can’t say. What is however clear is that, it has what it takes to be a hit, considering how beat driven songs are notching recognition in this era. KWVME (Official Kwame) and South Africa’s Sho Madjozi whizz with such infectious vigour over this afro bouncy rhythmic swirl. Sho Madjozi’s efforts hand the song a glow. Fun moves, puppet dance, some sites of the city are all captured by the lens of Wanlov Kubolor Cini crew (the video is shot with an iPhone).

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