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New Music: Wanlov Wraps Up 2017

There are a few days to end the year and as they say, a lot could happen within these couple of days leading to the end of year.

For Wanlov (The Kubolor), the many events that have characterized 2017 need to be recapped. And he did it on this unexpected song, “GH Wrap Up 2017”.

”2017, Nana (Addo) si yentua so biom/ (John) Mahama cry tay but e still go home/ Inauguration speech Nana copy copy/CNN and BBC for turn Paakoti”.

From these opening lines, you know Wanlov wasn’t going to hold back; that nothing of importance that occurred in the country in 2017 won’t go unmentioned. And he had a lot to share.

Tackling both political, social and economic issues over a medley of beats, Wanlov talks about the election of the President Nana Addo and the plagiarized Inauguration Speech, the Shatta Wale- Yaa Pono beef, Medikal AMG VGMA misses, and John Dumelo’s V8 debacle.

Bright Ackwerh make the Chinese Ambassador kp3 me/ E draw Boloyon give am breast like Shatta Michie/ Ein artwork hit pass KiDi and Kuami Eugene”

He also touches on the dastardly murder of Major Mahama, the silence of media on the stellar works of some musicians (King Ayisoba, Fokn Bois’ “Fokn Ode To Ghana” album), Bright Ackwerh’s art depictions that infuriated the Chinese Ambassador, the Bantama gang rape and Pulse Ghana’s infamous article on rape culture promotion, the 800K government website, the collapse of Capital Bank and UT Bank respectively, and shouting out the new crop of artists making impression on the music scene.

Listen to the song below


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