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Odunsi The Engine’s “In The Morning” Drips With 90s Delight

Watching the video of ‘In The Morning’, the new visuals from producer, singer/songwriter, Odunsi The Engine, I got transported back to the mid-90s, when the Ghanaian movie scene was taking shape.

The Kwame Dracula directed video seems to have taken a little inspiration from the 90s era, when African filmmakers were figuring out how to produce very quality pictures.

The video is an excursion into the mind of Odunsi after finding ‘love’ at a party. We see him wearing a despondent facial expression, sitting on the floor, one leg stretched out, and a bottle of drink by his side in the opening scene of the video.

‘In the Morning’ video is a party scene, where Odunsi and friends are seen having fun. Magnetized by a lovely lady, Odunsi begins to harbour wild imaginations. The vocalization of his intent is through glances and toothpaste smiles. In the end, the two meet in a room. We are transported back to Odunsi sitting on the floor on the next scene.

The video blends a retro feel-evidenced by the picture grading- with a modern aura. The scenes are fast paced; the beat carries a happy glow- the Lumidee ‘Never Leave Me’ drumline can’t be missed. To give the video an ‘old school’ feel, the director deliberately splashes statics and graphics reminiscent of old videos.

Kwame Dracula’s use of light stands out as well; bringing out the varying yet impressionable dark shades of skin of his characters. The colours and vibrant and lush, yet not blinding. And if I may ask, what’s this laid back, shy guy expressions of Odunsi in videos?

Recognized as one of the new voices from Nigeria pushing the new sound from Africa, Odunsi The Engine’s talent, first as a producer and a singer/songwriter. His debut EP TOOL captured the imagination of many. He continued to build on his new found acceptance by collaborating and producing for the like of Nonso Amadi, Tay Iwar.

Watch the video below

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