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King Promise – Selfish

There’s something worth pointing out about this video. Was the ‘accident scene’ really necessary? Perhaps it was. Just that, it wasn’t really done well. It looked super fictitious. The director could have created a good scene to capture that bit of the story than what we saw.

King Promise is working. A few weeks after releasing the audio of this love-tinged song ‘Selfish’, the video is out. A good video concept that highlights the beauty of a love relationship: trips to the cinema, the long night drives, sharing food, warm cuddles, shopping trips and the inescapable, sometimes volatile arguments.

King Promise and his lover seem very comfortable with each other as the video show. Of course, they are in love. The love between them seem all genuine. Then.. Tragedy hit. She is knocked by a car. She passes on. We see King Promise dropping a flower in her grave. The lover he promised to be selfish about has been snatched crudely from him.

So, the video is King Promise in a flashback mode, reminiscing about her and the good times the two shared. Interesting, the story isn’t as obvious from the start. The colour grade of the video was as colourful as it should be. Elsewhere, a video director could have shot some of the scenes in black and white for flashback effects.

Need to say, King Promise is working hard to be a top prospect in this competitive music scene. He’s trying to be ahead of the pack. And his wave is catching on albeit gradually. ‘Selfish’ is another good time to help propel him to his desired destination. Expect the song to be a ‘couple first dance’ tune at weddings.

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