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Worlasi, Ria Boss share visuals for ”Possible” and “lo-fi Experiment”

Worlasi feat Meche Korrect -Possible

Worlasi has finally released video for his positivity oozing, uplifting, go-conquer-the- world song ‘Possible’, which features America artist Meche Korrect.

Found on his 2015 highly acclaimed album “Nuse” (Strength Within), ‘Possible’ is a reminder to go out and achieve your dreams, the obstacles notwithstanding. The Bismark Aryee directed video doesn’t deviate from the crux of the song.

Featuring some of the world’s accomplished leaders -statesmen and women, legendary artists, iconic sportsmen and accomplished journalists, Bismark Aryee intersperses visuals of Worlasi and Meche along with archival footages to hand a good interpretation of the song.

The video opens with Azumah Nelson’s famous words after knocking out Briton pugilist Pat Cowdell in 1985. We see Mohammed Ali’s threats prior to beating then World Heavyweight champion Sonny Liston. Other images include display the scenes of Michael Essien’s wonder goal against Arsenal, Ghana’s U-20 World Cup victory in 2009, Usain Bolt, Michael Jordan, Martha Bissa and Michael Jordan.

‘So, I’m doing it/I’m doing all that I can now/ I’m killing it/You feeling it/ I’ll be ok if I pass out/Don’t cry Ma/ Don’t cry Pa/ I did all that I could do’ – Worlasi #Possible

Homage is paid to ace musician Ghanaba, J.H Nketiah, Osibisa and Bob Marley. Others include Kofi Annan, Angelique Kidjo, Komla Dumor (RIP), Sarkodie, Lupita Nyongo, disabled artist, Abraham Atta. What can’t be missed is how the come-up stories of some of these icons are juxtaposed with their success stories.

Award winning illustrator, Bright Ackwerh is seen in between scenes painting an image of Mohammed Ali. Worlasi remind us of Mannie (his manager’s) words, ‘anything is possible’, so dream big and work towards it.

Ria Boss – lo-fi Experiment Vol. 1 (Videos)

Days after releasing her self produced sublime and stirring 3 track “lo-fi Experiment” EP, Ria Boss has videos out for all three tracks. The videos weave a story about Ria- from her childhood (Healer), going through the motions of disappointment (Juice + Lover Mantra) and new- found life and hope (Nirvana).

It’s not your typical fast paced or flashy video. The videos have a homemade, amateurish feel to it. And that makes it interesting. On ‘Healer’, we ‘meet’ the Bossman family courtesy the family photo album. We see Ria Boss, the baby being carried by her renowned mom, Ms. Anna Bossman (google her if you don’t know who she is), when she graduated college and we catch a glimpse of her granny (or was that her mom?) drawing up the family tree.

‘Juice + Love Mantra’ is a reminsicing moment about love gone sour. Sitting in a bathtub clutching on to a rose flower, a dejected Ria is seen plucking the flowers away. Towards the end, the negative reel is shown (a moment of death).

‘Nirvana’ is Ria Boss’ reborn. He’s full of smiles and basking in the glow of life somewhere in the streets of Paris. With placards of inscribed lyrics, she indulges herself in what makes her happy.

The eeriness, the floating cosmic world the vibe on “lo-fi Experiment Vol. 1” reflect is transmitted into the visuals of each video.

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