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THE CUTS: EP 02 Vol. 12

THE CUTS is your weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention and think you must hear or see. The music featured aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY.


Ria Boss – lo-fi Experiment Vol.1

Ria Boss couldn’t have chosen a better day to release her self-produced, three track EP, ‘lo-fi Experiment’. It’s her birthday and the EP is her gift to fans. Under 8 minutes, she takes listeners into a zone of pure experimentation. The songs feel like a studio practice sessions where she’s trying to find the perfect melody for a song. All the songs are skeletal and piano driven. Juice + Lovers Mantra is like a cry of a jilted lover who’s still basking under the illusion of being in love (or is she reminding someone that she’s still his love?). On the final track, Nirvana, Ria Boss details her meeting with her lover, throwing in the ‘you know you’re mine’ reminder. Healer is a poem about identity, chasing dreams, hope, and self-love, recited by a young girl. She urges all black people to strive for the best. ‘Hey Black, do you know you can do what you want to do if you try to do what you can do’, the young black girl reminds us.


Cwesi Oteng feat Flo’Riva Inc – Next In Line

Cwesi Oteng’s new single ‘Next In Line’ is a song about hope and faith. It’s a call on all not to despair for they are next in line to witness the miracle of God. Fusing live elements of pop rock, techno and hip-hop, Cwesi Oteng serves another praise song that calls for all to sing and dance along. ‘Next In Line’ is the first single off ‘Anthems’, his album to be released in January, 2018. According to Cwesi Oteng who made a name off the back of his hip-hop driven God Dey Bless Me, the confessional ‘Next In Line’ introduces the sound carved for the ‘Anthems’ album- a global sound and essence of congregational worship and praise as greats like Hillsong and Bethel Music have contributed to the world’

King Promise – Selfish

A slow burner with the trappings of a hit song is what King Promise offers on ‘Selfish’. With it’s highlife groove laced exquisitely by Killbeatz, King Promise showcase once more why he’s among the best vocalist around. On this song, he doesn’t mind looking into the eyes of his lover from dusk to dawn. He doesn’t want to leave her side. King Promise is proving the depth of his love by being selfish (all pun). ‘Oh Yeah’ earned him commercial success. His gorgeous delivery on M.anifest’s ‘Me Ne Woa’ showcased his vocal range. Selfish is definitely one to take him to the next level. By the way, Killbeatz and King Promise evidently create something great when they join forces. A tape between the two won’t be a bad idea. Or?

Bowale – Afro Love

Bowale’s (real name Adebowale Adelegan) Afro Love is a slow burning, attractive song thanks to it’s afrobeat and highlife rhythms. His vocals are soft and tender, and on his new song, he serenades a potential lover in English, pidgin and Yoruba. Signed to Dream Chaser Management, Bowale is an afropop/jazz singer and songwriter who believes in the power of versatility: I believe versatility is a tool that every artist should have’.

Denzel Roberts – One Day Chale

Just from the title, one could discern what the song is about: keeping faith and waiting for your big break one day. Denzel Roberts is earning a reputation as a sharer of hopeful messages. As he points out, the road to success isn’t always a smooth sailing one. There are obstacles and hindrances that could suck away ones confidence. But, giving up isn’t an option. Keeping a positive mindset is what separate winners from losers. Produced by Nixie, One Day Chale’s magic lies in the well laid highlife beat.

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