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Listen: ‘Home’ by Okukuseku (feat Lykay, Kwame Yesu & Kweku Mireku)


There’s lot to love about once home. The memories are cherished, the love and the hate come in equal measure, sometimes. But, the love that one holds in heart for where they come from shall forever remain golden. As the Akan adage goes, nobody points to his father’s house (home) with their left hand.

Okukuseku, a producer at WeirdXGenius pays homage to where he hails from on a new song titled ‘Home’. A groovy highlife song riddled with heavy drum pattern, kicks and piercing snares, Okukuseku invites rappers, Lykay, Kwame Yesu and Kweku Mireku, who take turns to celebrate their ‘home’.

Kweku Mireku jumps in with an ode to ‘ Kokomlele (his home). He opens his verse by referencing a know tagline of Topp Radio and DJ Black’s Toontoom studios, both located at Kokomlele. (Google DJ Black to know why he’s mentioned). He further references some of the ‘iconic’ places in Kokomlele.

Mallam Atta Market/Sosket/ You go buy get change for your pocket

Lykay, who’s label mate with Okukuseku continues from where Kweku Mireku ended. Instead of shouting his hood, Lykay covers most parts of Accra City-pointing out some of the city’s landmarks/events like the Accra Mall, Labadi Beach, Santa Maria, Osu Papaye, Serallio and Kantamanto Market. With his laid back flow and timber voice, Lykay points out why his home (Ghana) is a lovely place.

Chale Ghana be the place to be/ Wo na girls/Wona jollof all dey bee’

Kwame Yesu’s reminisces about the good times he’s currently enjoying, like ‘partying like some rockstars’. With a flow reminiscent of dancehall act, Vybz Kartel (Beg U A Fuck), he exhibit his regret that his unborn kid may never have that experience.

Listen to Home

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