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00:01 – “Ci, Na she touch my Soul oo”


cina 3

There’s everything gorgeous about Cina Soul when it comes to her music and her visuals. Each word in her lyric captures an emotive feeling. And each image in her videos advances the words even more. Her voice stirs emotions deep within you (doesn’t your hair stand when she sings? Mine does) and she knows how to use it perfectly.

Hers did too…

After a beautiful season of collaboration with fellow glowing black girls on the highly acclaimed Black Girls Glow (the 6 member all-female collective group) ‘Mother of Heirs‘ album, Cina Soul hit the studios again to work on another soul touching music. 

Her new titled 00.01 single has everything to get you back in your feels again. A love-ly song that has her questioning where and how things fell apart. Words like ‘give me all you got don’t hold back’ and ‘give me your heart I’d keep it‘, delivered in a relaxed, graceful and melodic tone grips you. The accompanying burrowing piano chords hands 00.01 it’s chilling tone. The producer, 3FS Productions played a very interesting trick: heavy hip-hop drums replacing ballad tone beats right at the latter parts of the song. 

That drop is sensational. Goodness.

cina 2

Ironic how it’s titled 00:01, yet 02:26 almost stole the show.

The video for 00.01 furthers the narrative of the song. Flashbacks were captured by old 80s styled reels rather than black and white (which is often the standard). Moments of love are exquisitely acted out. The moods of despair and pain are portrayed with brilliance. Watching the video, I kept wondering if RJZ (singer/songwriter/artist and part of LaMeme Gang) was a professional actor.

It’s not hard to see that the director, Andy Madjitey (@KwameDracula) got Cina Soul and RJZ to bring out their best. The camera angles, story continuity, and other technical details were given much attention.

After months of intense protest from some die-hard fans and friends, she finally put up her music on AppleMusic.

Make sure to carry the song along with you on your devices if have Apple Music.
Also, watch the video below:

…and finally, here’s a portrait of Cina we love so much. This black girl is truly glowing.



credit:  @SteveMorrisM_

Fun Fact: Well.. if you got this far, I think it’s right I let you in on why it’s titled 00:01. I asked Swaye Kidd and his first guess was a one minute man. Really?

So, 00:01 was simply the time she wrote the song. Yeah, right at the start of “feels hours”. Bless You, Cina. May your forever be relevant.

by Manny Obeng @MannyFBC

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