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BiQO teams with SizzTheTruth on ‘Higher Keys’

IMG-20170926-WA0006 (1)

Picture this; You, in a convertible, cruising on a highway by the sea, with the wind blowing through your hair, the peaceful atmosphere and the serenity —incredible, right?

That is how “Higher Keys” makes one feel; that refreshing feel of authentic sound jumps at you right from the start. And no, it does not let you go—slowly hooking you and easing you gently into the climax. The transitions are pleasantly surprising, like receiving a kiss from a loved one and the sound does not become stagnated one bit; you simply can’t get enough of it. The mix of reggae, soul and RnB bring out the “old soul” yet youthful vibe to the song and that, is commendable. Not many people are able to pull it off and that is a feather in the artistes’ cap.

Although the lyrics tell of an albeit clichéd topic, the style and delivery of the artistes (not to mention the sound) are refreshing and have a “turn up” vibe to them. Produced by Epidemix, mixed by 3fs and directed by Andy Madjitey, “Higher Keys” promises to be pure rich goodness for the soul. Anticipate ye lovers of music to be pulled into the authentic vibe of Biqo featuring Sizz The Truth.  Listen to song here


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